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How do I call Delta at Salt Lake City Airport?

Delta Airlines is an airline that has its headquarters in the United States of America. Low cost, high-quality facilities, and personal assistance to every passenger the airline provides raise the satisfaction rate of passengers with Delta. Travelers can catch their Delta flight from multiple airports, and Salt lake is one such airport that serves Delta flights to people. However, it is crucial for you to get all the information you need about the airport before boarding your scheduled flight. 

How do I contact Delta at Salt Lake City Airport(SLC)?

If you booked a flight in Delta from Salt Lake City airport. You may require a lot of information to catch your flight on time. By dialing Delta Salt Lake City Airport phone number 801-575-2400/ +1 406 902 1212/800-221-1212 you can speak to a Delta agent at SLC(Salt Lake City) Airport. Once you dial the number, there will be a short recorded process, after which the representative of the airport desk will connect with you to provide you required assistance. 

How do I contact Salt Lake City Airport for baggage claim?

Passengers may find difficulties in locating their baggage. If you are facing any difficulties in discovering your baggage. You can raise your query on Delta SLC Airport baggage claim phone number 800-325-8224, or 404-209-3043 in case toll free number not working in your region.

Claim baggage via email- You have another option to claim your luggage. You can write an email to the Salt lake city airport at their official email address especially provided by the airport, for the baggage query. Composed an email to the airport on this, and the airport will contact you within 24 hours.

Claim baggage via the office- If you are at the airport and did not receive your baggage. You can directly visit the Salt Lake office for lost and found. You can explain your concern to the representative of the airport. The airport will help you in the best possible way to get your baggage to you.

What is the terminal used by Delta Airlines at Salt Lake City Airport?

There is only one terminal at Salt Lake City airport, two concourses, and sixty-six gates. If you have booked your flight with Delta and looking for Delta SLC Airport terminal to catch your flight on time. 

What is the office address of Delta Salt Lake airport?

You may need more information or generate a query for the airport. You can write a mail to the Salt Lake City airport at their mailing address explaining your query in detail. The Delta SLC office address is below.

Salt Lake City Department of Airport

P.O. Box 14550

Salt Lake City, Utah 8411-5550


Where is Salt lake City airport located?

If you have booked a flight from Delta, you probably need to know the airport Address to reach on time for your flight. You can call Delta Salt lake city airport phone number about their address. You can also visit their official page, where you will find the address of the airport. You can also take it from here:

             Salt Lake City International Airport

             3920 W. Terminal Dr.

             Salt Lake City, Utah 84122

             Airport code- SLC

phone3 +1 406 902 1212
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