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How do I contact Latam from Australia?

People travel from one place to another according to their needs and wants according to their needs and wants. They contact from one place to different airlines according to their requirements. A person can easily travel and contact Latam from Australia for any query raised by them regarding ny issue they are facing. One can use the Latam Australia contact number to connect with Latam from Australia. The person can connect from one place to another according to the customer's requirements. Connecting to Latam from Australia is not a big issue; you can get connected easily. But there are several ways to connect with the respective airlines from the respective airport.

Is Latam operating in Australia?

Yes, Latam is working in Australia. Eventually, it got stopped working there during the covid period. But somehow, two years back, it started working again at the respective airport. People can get any problem while traveling, so they can contact via Latam Australia phone number and raise their query. The raised query will be resolved immediately as soon as possible. 

Latam airlines have resumed its flights to Sydney, Australia, employing its Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet after two years of halted operations due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. A person can raise any query regarding the issue they are facing and go to Latam Australia contact, 1-8000-558-129/+1 806 256 8457, and raise their issue there.

Latam Australia contact information

Phone number :  61-100-126-038

Email id –

Customer service hours – customer hours are 24 hours available

Address – Sydney International Airport

Different modes of customer service provided by Latam Airlines from Australia 

Via phone call – A person can connect to customer service to raise their queries they are facing while traveling through the respective airlines. People can contact Latam Australia phone number, get connected to their customer service, and resolve their queries. While calling the number, they will connect to the IVR process.

  • Press 1 for language selection
  • Press 2 for arrival and departure of flights
  • Press 3 to manage tickets
  • Press 4 to talk to our customer support executive
  • Press # to disconnect the call

Via email – A person can raise their query through the email, which will resolve immediately by looking after the email from their customer support team. Email is one of the official ways to talk to someone regarding anything officially, and people look after their emails regularly. A passenger can mail directly to the email address regarding their query to get resolved. They must provide all the required information about the passenger in the mail. This mail will be received by the Latam Australia office address directly and will resolve the issue immediately.

Via Chat – Chatting is one of the best methods to raise any query by a passenger, and this raised query will be resolved immediately by the customer support team. A person can find the chat box on the bottom right side of the official website of Latam airlines. In the end it will provide Latam Australia office address and contact number with which a passenger can resolve their queries

Via social media – A person can connect to customer service through social media. Every airline has formed a community on social platforms to connect with its passengers and give them the best possible outcome.


Thus, a passenger van connect to the customer support team through various above give methods.

+1 806 256 8457
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