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Information to reach Lufthansa agent at Frankfurt Airport:

Frankfurt Airport is a Germany-based international airport that provides flight services to several routes worldwide. If someone resides in Germany and has made a flight reservation with Lufthansa Airlines, they will have to board the flight from Frankfurt Airport. If you face any airline service queries, you can contact the Lufthansa Frankfurt Office and get your issues resolved by the official agent. The agent will try to provide all possible outcomes for your problems.

How do I Talk to Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport?

To get airlines information on Lufthansa airline's website or by calling Lufthansa Frankfurt Airport Phone number 01806-FRAINFO (01806-3724636 - landline price €0.20 per call/max of €0.60 per call from a German mobile network)1-806-256-8457, and at

What are the Phone numbers available to get in contact? 

If the customer faces any query before or after booking the flights related to airline policies, T&C, etc., they can connect by using the Phone number. The agent of the Lufthansa Frankfurt Office will get connected within a short while. By calling, you can have an instant conversation with the agent. The phone numbers are available mentioned here below :

  • Lufthansa Frankfurt Contact Number: +49 180 6372 4636,Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
  • Lufthansa Airlines Contact Number: +1 (516) 738-4422

You will have to follow the Pre-Recorded call instructions and then select to press the number as per the query. 

How to get connected by the official address of the airport? 

When the customer cannot connect with the Lufthansa Frankfurt Airport contact number, they might panic about it. Another option available for the clients to reach the customer support agent is through the official mailing address of the airport. You can send your queries, issues, and grievances in the postal format to the address of the airport. 

  • The official address of the Airport: is 60547 Frankfurt, Germany

The response will only be provided to you within a few days during business hours. 

Other required details: 

If there are any further queries and you don't want to connect through the Lufthansa Frankfurt Airport contact number, then you can try to visit the airport's official website or reach out by email. 

Which Terminal is used by Lufthansa Airlines at Frankfurt Airport? 

Terminal 1 at Pier A is used by Lufthansa Airlines for arrival and departure at Frankfurt Airport. Passengers will have to board and deboard their flight from the same Terminal. If you have any queries or issues related to airlines, then you will have to contact the Lufthansa Frankfurt Airport terminal counter and get your issues resolved by the agent. 

How to get in contact by using Social Media apps? 

If the customer has queries related to Lufthansa service center Frankfurt airport opening hours, they can try connecting with the Social Media apps available on their mobile devices. Connecting in this way is the most modern approach. You can quickly get the answer from the agent without making any extra effort. Go to the official page of the airport and enter your queries through the "Send Message" option. The official agent will be available soon to answer your questions. The apps and their like are provided here below: 

If there are any further queries, you can visit the airport or airline and resolve the problems by having a face-to-face conversation. 

phone3 +1 806 256 8457
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