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How do I contact American Airlines LGA Airport?

LaGuardia Airport, usually called LGA Airport is located in the Queen of New York in the USA. The Airport is a hub for leading American Airlines and other International airlines. So if you are traveling to or from LGA Airport on an American Airlines flight, please find the contact details below to get answers to your queries and requests.

American Airlines LGA Airport Contact Information:

American Airlines customer service LGA Airport Phone Number: 

Passengers have several questions after the flight reservations are confirmed. You can call customer service on  American Airlines LGA Airport Phone Number  800 433 7300/ 718 533 3400 and discuss the queries with an authorized person.

 live chat:

American Airlines has a live chat window on the official website through which passengers can drop their urgent queries and get instant responses. 

Meet a representative at the Airport:

 If you are at the LGA Airport and urgently need assistance from American Airlines, please reach an airline representative at the American Airlines desk at LGA Airport. You will get the best possible services.

Address of the Airport:

 To board the American Airlines flight, please reach the mentioned address on


NY 11371

LaGuardia Airport Code: LGA

American Airlines Ticket counter at LGA Airport: Please reach Terminal 3 to contact an American Airlines counter for flight and other bookings. you can receive complete information at the American Airlines terminal at LGA Airport on your queries.

Check-in for American Airlines flight at LGA Airpot:

While traveling on American Airlines, you must report at the following time:

  • For online check-in - 24 hours to 45 minutes before departure
  • For airport check-in - 3 hours to 60 minutes of departure.

For baggage information: If you are at LGA Airport and your checked-in baggage has been damaged or lost by American Airlines, please report to customer service in the given ways:

On the contact form: please click on the link below to claim the baggage

Services offered by American Airlines at LGA Airport:

  • Flight bookings 
  • Information on American Airlines holiday packages
  • Special assistance services
  • Check-in 
  • Baggage claims
  • Passport check
  • Visa and immigration documents
  • Currency Exchange
  • Ticket modification
  • Seat selection 
  • Information on AAdvantage membership.
  • Numerous other services.

How do I talk to American Airlines at LGA Airport?

To talk to an American Airlines individual on the American Airlines LGA Airport phone number, please follow the call procedure described below:

  • Dial American Airlines LGA Airport Phone Number 800 433 7300/ or 1-806-256-8457/718 533 3400.
  • Follow the IVR instructions
  • Press 1- for existing booking
  • Press 2 - for cancellation
  • Press 3- for baggage 
  • Press 4 - to request special assistance 
  • Press #- to connect directly with a customer service person. 
  • Share your queries and get instant information from customer service.

How early I need to be at LGA Airport for American Airlines?

 Arrival times at LGA Airport:

While traveling on American Airlines, you must report on the following time:

  • For a domestic flight - 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure
  • For an International flight - 3 hours prior to scheduled departure.

To know more about the reporting time for the scheduled flight, connect to the American Airlines terminal at LGA Airport number and get the necessary information.

Where is American Airlines at LGA Airport?

American Airlines operate from Terminal B at LGA Airport. For more information on American Airlines LGA Terminal, please contact customer service.

phone3 +1 806 256 8457
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