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How do you get to Finnair?

Finnair is the flag carrier and one of the largest airlines in Finland. The airline was founded in 1923 with headquarters in Vantaa. Currently, the airline has a fleet size of 80, covering around 116 destinations worldwide. It is the sixth oldest airline in terms of continuous operation and is listed as the safest airline in the world. The airline is known for its world-class facilities and 24/7 hour customer service. Whether you have a booking-related query or need to ask any common question, you can reach out to the airline via Finnair phone number anytime. Besides Finnair providing several other support channels to interact with its representative, you can read the information below for detailed guidance.

How do I connect with Finnair?

Whenever you are stuck at any point, you can visit the official website of Finnair and locate the customer support page. Below are the options you can choose to connect with a Finnair representative.

  • Phone number: One of the quickest ways to connect to the airline. You can call the airline at Finnair phone number 1 877 757 7143 and follow the IVR to speak to ist live agent. The airline provides various phone numbers for different departments and country-wise; you can get the details from the official website. Besides, Finnair representatives are available during business hours only; make sure to call them accordingly.
  • Finnair customer service hours: The customer service at Finnair is available from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8 m to 8 pm, Saturday to Sunday.
  • Email support: You can connect with Finnair via email to share any feedback, concern, comment, etc. You can email the airline using the Finnair customer service e-mail address and contact form available on the support page.

How do I get in touch with Finnair?

If you wish to connect with a Finnair live person, follow the steps below.

  • Dial the Finnair customer service phone number 1 877 757 7143 or +1 802 200 9500(OTA)
  • Press 1 or 2 to choose the language for IVR. 
  • You can carefully follow the IVR instructions below to speak to the live agent. 
  • Press 1 to ask a question about booking, prices, or information
  • Press 2 for Finnair PLUS
  • Press 3 if you are a travel agent / or belong to a travel agency 
  • From the above menu, you can press one and proceed; you can also opt for another option per your requirement.
  • On the next phone menu, you need to say talk to a live person at Finnair and then wait.
  • Once the live agent is available, you can speak about your queries individually.

Following the process above and using the Finnair phone number, you can talk to Finnair representatives anytime. Besides, if you wonder at what time Finnair opens up, you can check out the details below.

What time does Finnair customer service open?

Finnair provides 24/7 hours of assistance via its various modes of communication. However, if you wish to connect to its customer service, it is open from 8 am -10 pm, Monday - Friday, and from 8 am - 8 pm, Saturday to Sunday. As the timings vary department-wise, you can check out the Finnair customer service hours details from the support page of the airline.

How to send an email to Finnair? 

You can send an email to Finnair to share any concerns, feedback, compliment, etc. If you don't know how I connect to Finnair via email, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the official website of Finnair using any regular browser
  2. Navigate and scroll down the page to locate the contact form link under customer support at the bottom 
  3. You can click on the contact form link and choose the department you need to connect to on the new page
  4. For every department, you get further options topic wise
  5. You can select the subtopic and follow self-explanatory instructions to get the contact form associated with that
  6. You need to open the form and then fill in all the required details
  7. Once you fill out the form, click on the send button to submit it 
  8. Now the Finnair team will review your form and get back to you with a prompt reply

So using the Finnair customer service e-mail option, you can send your email to Finnair anytime. The general response time via email is 24-48 hours; however, you can also use the chat option explained below for a prompt reply.

How do I chat with Finnair?

You can chat with a Finnair representative to raise any query or question. It's another quickest way to connect the Finnair customer service. Besides, if you don't know how I connect to Finnair via chat, you can follow the listed information below.

  1. Get on the official website of Finnair using any standard browser
  2. You need to locate the customer support link at the bottom of the homepage
  3. Scroll down and navigate to find out chat link at the bottom right
  4. Click on the chat icon and then chat with us link 
  5. On the new page, you need to provide your First name, Family name, and Email id along with the topic you need help with and booking reference. 
  6. Now click on the start chat link; this will open up a chat box in front of you. 
  7. You can select the query from available options to get self-explanatory instructions. 
  8. Besides, you can type live agent and follow the instructions to start chatting with the Finnair representative. 

What are the reasons to connect with Finnair?

Finnair has a huge team of experts and professionals to help you with booking-related queries and general doubts. There are several reasons to connect with a Finnair representative. Besides, here you can check out some most common ones given for reference.

  • Instant assistance: Whenever you are stuck at any point, Finnair representatives provide instant help; you don't need to wait long to resolve your queries.
  • Get live help: Get live help from the airline and instantly ask your question. Live agents help you to solve queries in real-time.
  • For booking and making a reservation: Another reason if you cannot make your booking, you can take help from Finnair customer service. They will ask for details and make a reservation on your behalf. 
  • To know about the best deals and offers: The Finnair customer support team also helps you with the latest deals and offers. Contact the Finnair representative if you are looking for last-minute deals and offers.
  • To ask any general query: It's not necessary to call the airline only when something specific is required. You can call Finnair's customer service telephone number and speak to the agent for any general query or general information.

You must have understood Finnair's customer service in detail by reading the information above. If you still have any doubts or need further information, you can share your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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