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Does United have a Callback option?

Yes, United does have a callback option. Using the United callback option, you don't need to stay on call for long; instead, you can choose to get a call back from the airline. There are two ways to schedule a Call back from United Airlines; you can do it online and by calling on mobile. Once your Call back request is shared as per the schedule, a United representative will give you a call and solve your issues in real-time.

When to Request a Call-back from United Airlines? 

If you are unsure when to request a callback from United, there are three main reasons. You can find the reasons below to help you in this regard.

  • You can schedule a call back from United if you don't want to stay long in the call queue or if the waiting period is longer than expected.
  • You can request a callback to get a call from the United representative as per your schedule and desired time. 
  • When you call the airline, and no one picks up your phone, you need to request a callback. It can happen because you might call outside of business hours, and no agents are available.

How do I request United to call me back?

If you wish to get a call back from United, call United Airlines phone number 1-800-UNITED/+1 808 862 8331 or visit after that, from IVR, you need to select "Schedule a call back" and enter your phone number to get a callback. Then you will receive a call back from United Airlines on your scheduled timing.

Steps to request a callback from United Online :

  • Firstly you need to go to the official website of United Airlines 
  • You need to find out and click on the 'Help' button in the main tab.
  • You need to click on the tab 'contact united' under the category 'General help.'
  • Scroll down and click on the option 'speak to an executive.' 
  • The new page will display a notification that says the 'call wait times can be longer.
  • You need to skip it then and click on the tab 'Arrange a callback
  • The system will prompt you to fill out the form along with details like phone number, expected date and time to get a callback, etc
  • You can fill in all the details in the form and submit it 
  • Once the callback request is shared, you will soon get a call from a United representative 

Arrange a callback from United by Phone:

  • Dial United Airlines Phone Number; +1 808 862 8331
  • While you are on call, the system asks you to stay online or schedule a callback
  • Say yes to the callback option, and you can make your request by following self-explanatory instruction 

With the help of the options above, you can request a callback from united anytime. Besides, if you wonder how to get a United call back, you can also share the callback request via other modes of communication like chat, email, social media, etc. 

What are the benefits of Call back option from United Airlines?

When United introduced the callback feature, more than 60 % of customers preferred a callback option rather than waiting on hold. The callback option has many benefits; here are some of them for your reference. 

Improve the customer experience: No customers have the patience or the time to hold on call for long. In that case, when they can opt for a call back from United Airlines, it gives an impression that United values their time. It improves the experience of customers and results in higher satisfaction. 

Reduce the call rejection rate: When the waiting period is longer than expected, customers often give up and prefer to call again, which results in a higher rate of call rejection. It creates frustration and repeats calls that can double the call. But when the customers have options for the callback, it reduces the abandoned call rate, holds time, etc.

Reduces high volume: The United Airlines call-back option reduces the waiting period because passengers can schedule the call as per their requirements rather than being on hold for a long time. When nobody is on the phone, it automatically reduces the high volume.

Boost the employee's Moral: When callers don't have to wait for long to connect to the live agent and they have a United Airlines call-back option, they are undoubtedly in a good mood. When the callers are in a good mood, it reduces the stress of your agents and helps them improve other important matrices.

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