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Can I Get Seats on Iberia Airlines?

Yes, You can select your seats on Iberia Airlines as per their seat selection policy.  You can pick a seat of your choice at Iberia Airlines during the flight booking or even after booking during the check-in process by paying some extra charges according to your preferred destination. The seat selection also depends on the availability of the seat on that particular flight.

How do I get Seats on Iberia?

To get seats on Iberia you can visit its official website or dial Iberia's contact number to get through an agent and pick a seat on Iberia Airlines.

Here are steps to Get a Seat on Iberia:

  • Go to the official website, or dial +1 806 256 8457.
  • Click on the Manage your booking option.
  • Select the Booking retriever in which you need to fill in your last name and reservation number.
  • Select the Menu option and select your seat.
  • Go to the seat map.
  • You can choose your preferred seat.

You will get an email, and they will send you further details there.

When Can I select my Seat in Iberia?

You can choose a seat on Iberia Airlines 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure of your book. You can reserve your seat:

  1. During the booking: You can select a seat on Iberia Airlines at the time of flight booking in your favorite class.
  2. During the check-in: The seat selection at Iberia Airlines can also be made after a flight reservation during the check-in process through the Iberia app or website in the My Booking section. 

Does Iberia have a free seat selection?

It depends on your booking and the availability of the seat that you choose. Most people choose their seats 24 hours before departure, so they do not have to pay more amount. The Iberia seat selection cost varies on your fare types and other things that you can check at the official seat selection page.

How much do I have to pay for a seat on Iberia Airlines?

Your Iberia Seat selection fee depends on the available seats, the flight, and your chosen location. The approx Iberia seat selection cost is €10 to €100. You can also see the cost when you select your seat or if you are an Elite member of Iberia Airlines, you do not have to pay for your favorite seat and enjoy the journey. 

Traveling in the Iberia Economy Class Seat:

  • For domestic flights, you need to pay €12 to €13. 
  • On international flights, you can pay €45 to €55.

Traveling in Iberia Business Class Seat:

You do not have to pay any amount for the selection of seats. It is free of cost. Go to your booking management and select your seat for more availability.


Can I select a seat in advance?

You can select a seat with Iberia in advance to get a comfortable seat as per your choice, but you need to pay for the Iberia advance seat selection.

Can I see the seat map to select my seat on Iberia?

Through the Manage your booking option, you can see the layout of Iberia Airlines sitting plans and from there you can make Iberia seat selections.

Can I use my Avios to pay for advance seat selection?

Payment for Iberia seat selection with Avios is currently not available.

What is the XL seat in Iberia?

XL seats have 34 inches of seat pitch and approximately 7 inches of backrest recline, while regular seats have approximately 30 inches of seat pitch. You can enjoy more space with an XL seat. Make sure you enjoy the comfort with the Iberia Seat selection because they are more comfortable than others.

Why can't I choose my seat on the Iberia flight?

Maybe because you choose a seat on Iberia Airlines that is not available, or Maybe you are picking a seat after 24 hours of departure., It is important to pick your seat 24 hours before flight departure because may after 24 hours, the seats are not available. You can also contact Iberia Airlines for any query.

Does Iberia have premium economy seats?

Iberia has premium economy seats, which offer more personalized service from the crew. With Premium, you will have access to the economy check-in desk. You can also carry two extra bags for free of cost in Premium economy. Premium economy tickets are more expensive than economy tickets in the Iberia Seat selection. You can pick your Premium economy seats, which are double in price. 

Do you have to choose a seat in Iberia?

It is not mandatory to choose a seat in Iberia. You can choose an Iberia Seat selection for your comfort or if you want to travel with your friends and family. It is not necessary that you have to choose a seat in Iberia. Choosing a seat also depends on the destination, the availability of the seat, and with whom you are traveling. 

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