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How do I get assistance with United Airlines?

United Airlines is a customer-driven airline that understands every problem faced by the passenger, and that is why they provide United Airlines assistance elderly services to their clientele for a delightful air experience; therefore, you should reach the airport an hour before your boarding time.

Can I get special assistance with United Airlines?

United Airlines is one of the top air carriers which floods the traveling with top-notch amenities so that they don’t have any challenges during their traveling. You can surely contact the special assistance from the airline. We will provide you with how you can request them to offer you special assistance, and no charges will be implied, even if you are taking the service or carrying your wheelchair. You take two wheelchairs without spending any extra bucks.

How do I request assistance with United Airlines?

If you need more about assistance on United Airlines and want to ask questions about travel plans, dial the United accessibility desk at 1-313-234-6992 (charges may apply) and 1-800-228-2744/ +1 802 200 9500 within the U.S. or Canada.if the call is not a favoring option, you can mail them attaching your flight ticket at

How do I get wheelchair assistance at United Airlines?

There are serval different approaches which you can opt to request their special assistance to you. 

Call United Airlines' special assistance phone number: if you cannot find the special assistance tab on the United Airlines website, you can contact the airline for that. The airlines provide 24-hour assistance to their special customers. Please go through the steps to call or web link, and choose whichever method suits you the best.You must dial their United Airlines assistance number if you want to book your assistance on callA telephone unit will be provided as soon as you make the call. Make sure you dial the correct number from the provided menu because there are many several special assistance services offered to their clientele like;

  • Dial 1 if you wish to travel with your pets.
  • Dial 2 to know more about cabin pet procedures.
  • Dial 3 to book your wheelchair service.
  • Dial 4 to know if you can carry your wheelchair.

Dial * to connect with an agent of the concerned department.

Another method is to request them from their official website. We have provided a web link to United Airlines wheelchair assistance to ease the process for their travelers. Go through the steps to find the mentioned web link.

  • First, you need to open their authorized web page 
  • After opening their official web page, you can extend their special assistance page or link on the link provided: 
  • After clicking on the link above, you must choose two options. Either you would like to inform them about your wheelchair, or you want wheelchair assistance.
  • If you want to request their wheelchair assistance, you must select the type of wheelchair you require.
  • After selecting the wheelchair, you will be asked to provide your flight details to the company, like flight number, destination, and departure time. Click on next.
  • After clicking next, you will receive a confirmation message on your provided mail id and contact details that your service has been booked.

Types of wheelchairs provided on United Airlines;

  1. Airport wheelchairs: it is a manual wheelchairs used at airports for their passengers. Airport wheelchairs will be provided only at the airport. It is 18 inches wide.
  2. Aisle wheelchair: this is a pick-up and drops service from your aircraft provided by the agents of the airlines. A wheelchair will be provided to you at the time of arrival and departure time.
  3. Onboard wheelchair: this is the last type of wheelchair the airlines provide. If the passenger wants to use the convenience, these wheelchairs are provided to you in the aircraft.

We hope the information provided on United Airlines' wheelchair assistance helped you. If you have any further queries regarding other special assistance services, you can ring the airlines anytime on the working days. Please call them in the morning hours to avoid the long the queue. 

+1 802 200 9500
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