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Can you hold tickets on Virgin Atlantic?

Yes, you can hold Virgin Atlantic flight tickets when a passenger has not confirmed about their journey and the ticket price is affordable, then no issue as they can hold tickets on Virgin Atlantic flights and pay the amount later. Passengers can lock the Virgin Atlantic flight price for upto 3 days for £10 (about $15 USD). If your flight booking is more than 19 days out you can reach out to the travel agent at +1 806 256 8457 for further help.

Ticket hold policy of Virgin Atlantic:

The airline creates specific rules if you want to hold your reservation on Virgin Atlantic. To know about those rules, you can read Virgin Atlantic's hold flight ticket policy before making the reservation. Following are some points that you can read to learn more about flight reservations:

  • In Virgin Atlantic, you can hold a flight ticket for 48 hours.
  • After holding a seat with the airline, if the price increases, then they have to pay the old amount at which they make the reservation.
  • If the passenger cannot pay the total amount within the period, then the booking will automatically be canceled, and they have to make a new reservation with the current price.

How do I hold a booking on Virgin Atlantic?

There are many mediums available through which you can hold tickets on Virgin Atlantic and pay the amount later. Open the official website or visit the airport, then at the time of payment, you can choose to pay later. To learn more about these methods, you can read the given information:

Via official website/Mobile app:

 One of the quickest ways to hold your flight with Virgin Atlantic is through the official website. While using this method, you can make the reservation at any time and from anywhere. You can use the below process to hold your reservation with the airline:

  • Visit the official website of Virgin Atlantic.
  • Choose your departure and arrival destination.
  • Select the date of departure, number of passengers, and other details.
  • Tap on the flight as per your preferred timing.
  • When you get to the payment part, click the option to pay later.
  • After that, you must pay a small amount and hold your reservation.

Via Phone call:

Contact the airline through their reservation number and speak to the representative to book your flight. Remember that Virgin Atlantic hold flight up to certain hours only, and you must pay the amount within that time period. Provide the details of your journey to the representative, and he will help you with the reservation.

Via Airport

If there is any problem with online booking, you can also visit the reservation counter at the airport. Then provide the details to the customer service and select the seat of your choice. Pay the fees to hold your reservation, and when you are confirmed about your flight, then pay the rest of the amount within two days of booking online or at the airport.

After going through the information, you must know the time until Virgin Atlantic hold flight and the policy. For any further queries, you can contact the airline representative to get a quick reply.

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