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Can you make a flight reservation over the phone with Iberia?

Suppose you need to make a reservation with Iberia Airlines, and you prefer to make the reservation by speaking with an official to get instances on your booking. In this case, you must be thinking of how you can book an Iberia flight ticket over phone. So you contact Iberia reservation phone number to make new reservations (+1) 800 772 4642/ 1 806 256 8457/ +34 915 23 65 68. For this, you need to reach an official at customer service and give the details of your flight booking requirement. 

How do I make an Iberia reservation over the phone?

  • Call the Iberia reservation phone number 1-800-772-4642/1 806 256 8457 to make new reservation on Iberia flight.
  • Then you need to wait for some moment to speak with someone at Iberia reservation department.
  • After getting the official to ask to make your booking,
  • The official will take the details like departure and arrival destination, timing and date for the required flight,
  • Then the person will share all the availability of the Iberia flights with you,
  • Now you need to choose a flight ticket that you want to book.
  • Provide the personal and contact details to the official to make the booking,
  • Share an identity card number which is required for the identity verification to make the booking,
  • After that pay the fare of the flight ticket by online mode,
  • Just after payment, the booking will be completed. 

So, following this process, you will be able to book an Iberia flight ticket over the phone. After the booking, you will get your flight ticket in the provided email, where the itinerary will be mentioned. 

How can I book a flight ticket online at Iberia Airlines?

There can be a chance when you are unable to speak to someone at Iberia Airlines due to multiple reasons. In that case, you can make the bookings online straight from Iberia's website. Choosing online booking will give you a chance to explore multiple flights and filter the search results as per your choice. If you want to know the online booking procedure, here are the needed steps:

  • Head to the site of Iberia Airlines,
  • You will see a Booking tab on the homepage,
  • Put the arrival and departure destinations in the columns,
  • Then set a date for the flight and choose the number of flyers,
  • Press the search button to get the list of available flights,
  • Now you need to view the tickets and decide which one to book,
  • Choose the required flight and tap on Book,
  • Further, you need to add passenger details on the appeared page,
  • Attach the required documents on the page needed for the flight booking
  • Add additional assistance if you would require it on your flight,
  • Choose a seat of your choice or select the Skip button,
  • Then you have to make the payment for the Iberia flight ticket,
  • And the bookings will be made on your desired flight. 

These steps are helpful in making a booking online at Iberia Airlines. You will receive the e-flight ticket in your email. If you want, you can print your flight ticket before reaching the airport or can use the e-ticket to show it at the security point at the airport. 

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