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Does United let you pick your seat?

Yes, United Airlines lets you pick a seat while booking your flight tickets. In case you have skipped the seat selection from United Airlines while booking your flight ticket, then also you can get your preferred seat during check-in or after the bookings if available. Passengers can choose free seats but must pay for the premium seats on the flight. The flyer can also ask for seats with extra legroom or space on the flight by paying the seat selection fee at United Airlines.

How do I pick my seat on United Airlines?

  • Go to the United airlines website,, or dial 1(806)256 8457.
  • Choose the option“My Trips”.
  • Enter your name and booking number to get access to the dashboard.
  • Select a flight ticket from the dashboard.
  • Next, select a seat from the United airlines seat map(while booking or after the booking).
  • Pick and confirm your seat on a United flight.
  • Pay for the seat selection on United if applicable or skip.

With this, you will be assigned to the seat on the United flight that you have selected.

Can I pick a seat with United Airlines while Check-In?

The online check-in starts 24 hours before the flight's departure. At this time, you can opt for the seat selection United Airlines option. Follow the procedure and check in for your flight by assigning a preferable seat:

  • Open the United Airlines Site,
  • Go to the Check-In column,
  • Search with confirmation code and last name,
  • Open the seat map to select your preferred seat,
  • Choose the seat and make payment,
  • Your seat selection on the United flight will be made.

What is the policy to choose a seat on United Airlines?

If you are going to pick your seat on United Airlines, then the below policies will be entitled:

  1. Seat selection is complimentary step passengers get when they fly with United.
  2. Economy flight ticket holders cannot pick a seat on United Airlines while booking, but they can purchase a particular seat till the departure of their flight.
  3. Preferred Seating is entitled to a fee that depends on the flight type.
  4. Some seats are reserved for emergency purposes and cannot be assigned to the passengers on the flight.
  5. If a passenger skips the seat selection process, they will be assigned a random seat by United Airlines.

How much does it cost to choose a seat on United Airlines?

There is no charge for seat selection on United Airlines. But if you are opting for "Preferred Seating" for travel, the charges will be around $9 per person, which can vary depending on the availability of seats. 


Q1. How do I select seats on the United app?

If you want to select seats through the app, then follow the steps:

  • Open the United App on your device,
  • Sign in with your account,
  • Click the Menu,
  • Select the My Reservation/My Trips option,
  • Choose the seat Selection option,
  • After that open the Seat Map,
  • Choose your preferred seat,
  • And your preferred seat will be assigned on your United Airlines Flight.

Q2. How do I select my seat on United after booking?

If you have made the booking, you can choose your seat from the Manage Booking option while check-in in online or contact a representative at United Airlines at 1-800-864-8331 or 1 806 256-8457.

Q3. Can you pick your seat on United Basic Economy?

You can only pick your seat on United Basic Economy if you pay for the seat selection. United airlines seat selection basic economy costs around $10. If the seat is available, then it will be assigned to you by United Airlines.

Q4. Do you have to pay to pick your seat on United?

Seat selection is complimentary at United Airlines. If your preferred seat is available, you will get it without any charges, but if you want the seats in the "Preferable Seat" category, you need to pay the charges to pick your seat at United Airlines.

Q5. What happens if you don't buy a seat on United?

If you do not buy a seat on United, you will be assigned a random seat. The seat can be assigned anywhere on the flight and cannot be changed after the flight's departure. So, if you wish to get a comfortable seat, make sure to buy your seat before or at check-in time.

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