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Can I request assistance from Turkish Airlines?

So you want special assistance with Turkish airlines and forgot to fill out the form for assistance while booking your ticket. Still, you should not panic as time is left for your scheduled flight departure from Turkish airlines. Then you have to ensure that the airline is informed that you want their airport assistance, Turkish airlines because when you arrive at the airport, they are present with their facilities for you. You can also go to the website to learn more about assistance provided by Turkish airlines, and if you have any issues on the website, you can contact customer support of Turkish airlines for your issues.

How to ask for assistance at Turkish Airlines?

You should ask Turkish airlines for assistance when ticket booking is done or at least 48 hours before you travel if you forgot to make it at the time of ticket purchasing with Turkish airlines. You have to know that you can call Turkish airlines on their number, 080005 01565, and then you will have to choose a language according to your need. After that, you will be connected to the customer support of Turkish airlines. You will be asked about the issue or any service you would like to use then you can tell them that there is a need for special assistance and request special assistance from Turkish airlines to make sure that you are provided with that. If you or any person traveling with you is having movement issues, then you can go for wheelchair assistance. If you have any issues like autism and dementia, you can ask for the same, and if you are having some issues interacting with people, then you can tell customer support. 

How do I request special assistance on Turkish Airlines?

  • First, you to open a browser and then go to the Turkish airline's website
  • Find and dial Turkish Airlines Special assistance contact number +1 (800) 874-8875 or +1 888 675 7794.  
  • When you get connected, choose a language.
  • Now select to speak to customer support at Turkish airlines 
  • After getting connected to the customer care executive.

wheelchair assistance by the website:

  1. Go to the website of Turkish airlines Then click on feedback and choose additional service.
  2. After that, you have to provide the given fields and then submit
  3. You will receive confirmation, and they will be getting special assistance for you at the airport.

Now ask Turkish airlines customer support for special assistance and type what you want from them they will make sure that you get assistance when you reach Now, after reaching the airport, they will be ready for the type of special assistance that is needed in your case

Can I request assistance from Turkish Airlines at the airport?

Yes, you can make that. Suppose you forgot to phone Turkish airlines and tell them that you need special assistance, then you must not worry about that. The special assistance of Turkish airlines can be used by going to the airport counter.

How to request wheelchair assistance at Turkish Airlines

If you are going to travel with the airline and want wheelchair assistance with Turkish airlines, then you have to contact the airline to request special assistance from Turkish airlines regarding your issue. You have to contact them 48 hours before your departure on a Turkish airlines flight, so you have to call them at that time. If you, by chance, forgot to tell them via phone, there is no need to worry. You can get wheelchair assistance after you reach the airport. If you request special assistance, Turkish airlines give priority to those who asked for this service, and then they will complete your other processes necessary to get to your Turkish airline flight for departure from the airport.

phone3 +1 888 675 7794
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