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Will Southwest reschedule the Cancelled flight?

You are not the only one who can cancel your flight; apart from you, the airline also holds the right to cancel your flight for justified reasons. What happens when your flight gets canceled? What are your options when this happens? This article holds all the necessary details you might need, and does Southwest airlines reschedule canceled flights or not? 

Terms and Conditions to reschedule Southwest flight that is canceled:

  • Prolonged weather conditions are not suitable for take-off and flying. Under heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., the airline will cancel the scheduled flight to ensure the safety of passengers as well as the aircraft. 
  • When the aircraft due to fly gets damaged or the airline is not able to complete the mandatory maintenance on time and has to cancel the flight for safety purposes. 
  • The political scenario of the origin or the destination does not allow the flight to continue on its schedule. 
  • Threat to national security or the airport due to external factors. 
  • Some legal work is holding the flight from taking off.

Once the airline cancels your flight under these reasons, there are different outcomes you can expect based on the reason for cancellation. 

As long as the reason doesn't include political issues and extreme weather predicaments, the airline will:

  1. Reschedule your flight from the same origin to the same destination. The route might change as per the availability, but it will try its best to make sure all passengers read the designated location on the promised time.
  2. In case no available flights are present, the airline will provide the passengers with credit points equal to the fare they have paid. 
  3. The airline will try its best to accommodate you to your preferred class. 

How to reschedule a Canceled Southwest flight?

The policy states that if you do not like the airline arrangement, you have the right to ask for a refund instead. The cost to reschedule the Southwest flighwill be compensated with your refund money if you select the next flight similar to the previous one. 

  1. Select your desired flight on the website.
  2. Fill in your details and log into your account
  3. On the payment page, select your refund credit to make the payment. Pay the fare difference if you see one. 
  4. With this, your Southwest canceled flight rescheduling is done
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