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How do I reserve seats on American Airlines?

The passengers can easily reserve their seats with American Airlines at the time of making the reservation of their flight ticket or at the time of online check-in. The process of selecting seats on American Airlines is short and straightforward. However, the seat selection depends upon the availability of a seat in the flight class you have made the reservation. If the passengers wish to make the upgradation in their seat at the time of seat selection, then they have to proceed towards the process of change in your reservation. The change in your seat can be made through the airline's official website.

Can I reserve a seat on American Airlines?

The passengers can reserve their seats through American Airlines' official website. The reservation of the seat can be made through the official website of the airlines at the time of making the reservation or after that through 'manage to book.' The passengers can look for seat availability through the seat map of American Airlines. 

What is American Airlines' seat selection policy?

As per the seat selection policy of the airline, the passengers can upgrade their seats from one class to the upper class. The passengers cannot reschedule their flight tickets from economy class to business class. If the passengers can select their flight ticket when making their ticket reservation to get better options as the better pre-book seats on American Airlines flights. 

  1. The passenger is allowed to make seat selections on their domestic flight from 24 hours to 2 hours before the scheduled departure and 24 to 3 hours for international flights. 
  2. The selection made at check-in time depends upon the availability of flight class seats. However, the online check-in is free, but the passengers have to pay the American Airlines seat selection fee when they make the selection at the time of check-in.
  3. If the passengers wish to upgrade their flight ticket from one flight class to another flight class in that case, they have to reschedule their flight ticket.

How do I reserve my seat on American Airlines?

  1. If you wish to make the reservation of your seat after your flight booking, in that case, you are required to get onto the 'Manage Booking' section on the homepage of the airline. 
  2. Once you get onto the 'Manage Booking' section, you must enter the credentials like the PNR number and last name to proceed further. 
  3. Once you get onto the available flight page, select the flight on which you have made the reservation.
  4. You are required to proceed towards the option of 'change' and make the select seats American Airlines from the seat selection map.
  5. Select your preferred seat from the available seat on your flight class. 
  6. Once your seat selection is completed, you are required to proceed to the payment page and make the payment for your seat.
  7. You'll receive the confirmation in your email once the seat selection process is completed.

How much does it cost to choose seats on American Airlines?

American Airlines allows every economy flyer to pay extra for a seat if they wish to book their flight ticket. The passengers have to pay the American Airlines seat selection fee starting from $9 to $10, which can increase as per the selection of their seat for an aisle or window seat. 

How do I pre-book seats on American Airlines?

The passengers can make pre-book their seats at the time of making the reservation of their flight online. These are the steps required to be followed to make the reservation of your flight ticket and pre-book your seats while making the reservation.

  1. Go to or dial +1 802 200 9500(OTA, American airlines seat selection phone number).
  2. Then, you need to search your flight by departure/ arrival, type of trip, number of passengers, dates, etc.
  3. Now choose flight schedule and fare type. 
  4. Next, you need to enter passengers and contact details.
  5. After that, you need to choose your American Airlines seats by the seat map.
  6. Then you need to make a payment by using it anyway.

What are the different classes of seats on American Airlines?

The airlines have six flight classes to make the selection of their flight. 

  • Main Cabin Extra: You will get a free personal item and carry-on baggage, personal space, an extra seat, Complimentary snacks and drinks, in-flight food, unlimited flight changes, a refund, and others.
  • Main Cabin: In the main cabin, the passengers will get their personal space, and they have access to the food and beverages counter, and they can add on to the facilities.
  • Basic Economy: The passengers will only get the basic benefits in their flight class. 
  • Premium Economy: IF you select your flight ticket in the premium economy, the facilities will be better than economy class.
  • Business- Most professionals prefer to travel in business class to get extra legroom space and other benefits.
  • First- The passengers will get all five-star service in their first-class cabin with American Airlines.
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