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How to get free seat selection on Air France?

You decide to fly with the Air France flight, but you want to take your flight at a low expense. For this reason, you are looking to make the Air France seat selection free, but due to naught of information, you don’t know how to get free seats on the airline. Consequently, you are searching and worried about whether you will get accessible seats. So, some conditions make your seat selection at zero cost. Thus, to get it, you should consider the underneath points.

  • The Air France free seats allow you when you have a reservation in La Première.
  • Air France will assign you seats free of cost when you skip the seat selection while booking, check-in, and at the airport.
  • Also, before flying around 30 hours ago, if you complete check-in through the airport and website. In addition, this Air France seat selection free service is accessible in all the Economy, Business, and Premium Economy classes.
  • Moreover, Air France standard fare tickets allow you to make seat selection accessible on flights from the Netherlands to the US, Canada, Mexico, France, Papeete, and Europe. (And, if the seat selection can’t be free on these flights or tickets while making a reservation, you can get the seats free of cost by making a seat selection via the Manage booking option). You will get these services without paying any fare when you book the transatlantic flight.
  • The Airline will allow you to reserve free seats when traveling with a younger child. 

What is Air France's seat selection policy?

You want to read the seat selection policy to select seats on Air France accordingly. For that, you seek this. So, there are some points that you must consider while choosing the setas.

  • When making a reservation, select the business or premium class seat option to choose your preferred seat up to 48 to 2 hours before takeoff. If you choose the standard class seat type, you must pay the fees to choose the seat. 
  • If you don't select a seat two hours before takeoff, the airline will automatically assign one to you; you will be charged the seat selection fees. 
  • You cannot choose a seat in the first row if you are using a wheelchair, and pregnant women or unaccompanied minors cannot choose a seat close to the emergency exit. 
  • The choice of preferred seating is subject to seat availability. After choosing your chosen seat, you cannot change it. 
  • If you have any medical issues before or after purchasing the ticket, you must produce your credentials and the original documents; nonetheless, you are free to select the seat of your choice. 

What is the Air France seat selection fee?

Consequently, the Airline doesn’t take any Air France seat selection fee from you when you reserve it while booking, check-in, or manage to book, but if you choose it 30 hours prior to departure, you must pay approx USD 30 to USD 190, which will depend on your ticket type and class that you choose on the Air France flight.

How do I pick a seat on Air France?

Passengers can select their Standard or Premium seats while purchasing tickets with Air France through the official website, mobile app, or by calling the Air France ticket office at 1-800- 237-2747/1 304 701 2747 or to the travel agents.

​​​​​​​Procedure to pick a seat on Air France:

  • Go  and log in to the official site of Air France
  • Click on the “My bookings” option.
  • Enter the reservation number and last name.
  • View your Air France booking details on the dashboard.
  • Move to select the option "seat selection".
  • Pick the seats under the Air France seat map.
  • After that move to the payment page.
  • Pay the charges to pick a seat on Air France and get confirmation of seat selection on the Air France flight.


How do I make advance seat selections on Air France?

  • Open the Air France page, Air France
  • Book your flight by entering the departure and arrival city airport, dates, and class, and click on the next option.
  • Then, you must choose the flight from the scheduled flight list, 
  • Continue to the seat selection option; under the seat map, pick the seats according to your choice. 
  • Enter all the mandatory personal details, confirm by paying the charges, and receive a confirmation over your linked device. 

How do I select seats on Air France Online?

You can choose the seats on Air France during check-in. Therefore, to pick seat on Air France, you need to get through the below steps:

  • Go to the Air France website
  • Tap on the check-in section, enter the confirmation code and surname
  • Complete all the processes of Check-in, and continue it.
  • Click on the seat selection column, and The seat map opens; choose the seat from the available seats.
  • Download your boarding pass, and go to the payment page to pay the seat selection charge.

What is an Economy seat on Air France?

The Air France Economy class can be divided into 3 parts: Economy light, standard, and flex. In addition, The Air France economy seat selection arrangement in class is 31 inches apart from one point to the next point in front or behind the seat. 

What is the best Economy seat on Air France?

The best Economy seat on Air France is  777-200ER (3-class) and 777-300ER (4-class). So, if you want to explore the best services by enjoying the preferable seat, pick this Economy seat to fly anywhere on the Air France flight.

How do I make an Air France seat selection for Business class?

If you are looking to make an Air France seat selection for Business class, you must dial 1 (800) 237-2747/+1 304 701 2747. When the call connects with the person, directly speak to the agent, and request for making the seat selection in the Business class. Further, the airline person shares details about the number of available seats, picks the seat, and pay the charges to the airline.

phone3 +1 304 701 2747
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