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How would I send a text to Southwest Airlines?

Generally, getting information regarding flight status, online check-in, flight credits, checked baggage information, or unaccompanied minors and children flying alone norms, travelers are provided with the option of Text Southwest Airlines customer service instead of facilities like phone number services. However, there are features like mobile applications and social media platforms, and some features like iMessage and WhatsApp through which you get access to the in-flight entertainment portal right over your personal devices, and you can also use such facilities for customer service assistance.

Can I text Southwest Airlines?

Yes, all those passengers who have selected Southwest airline to travel for their trips are being offered the option of  Text Southwest Airlines service which is known as iMessage and WhatsApp services as these both features are free in-flight for the passenger's assistance for entertainment as well as for customer care help and you just need to sign up.

How do I text Southwest Airlines?

In case you want to use the Southwest free messaging services feature, then in that particular scenario, you have the option to send it through several mediums, which are listed here.

  • The very first service through which you can text would be a phone number that is 1-800-435-9792, which you must save and use for texting. 
  • Another best way to text is by using Southwest airline's official mobile app and signing up for an account for the text feature.
  • Passengers can also use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to send messages to the customer service team.
  • The final option which is enabled for Southwest passengers is using email services to send messages to Southwest Airlines.

How do I activate text messaging on Southwest?

Suppose that you don't want to use the call services of the airline, and instead of this service, you want to text southwest airlines customer service; in such matters, you have been allowed the option for downloading either WhatsApp or iMessage application on your device and log in your account, and then automatically you get access for text messaging facility for Southwest airline team.

How do I text for free on Southwest Airlines?

Assuming that you are looking for Southwest free messaging feature service, then you just have to get connected with WhatsApp or iMessage online portals, which you have to pre-install before your scheduled departure, and you will be able to quickly get assistance from such efficient portals online.

However, you must also note a point that suggests if you are using WhatsApp service, then you should have a Southwest TEXT number,1-800-435-9792, and once you use this option, you will be able to get immediate help from the concerned experts available.

How do I get text alerts from Southwest Airlines?

Finally, in case you want to get text southwest airlines customer service alerts, then you have to activate or set up the alert feature of Southwest airlines, and for that, you must use the following spot.

  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • After that, log in to your account.
  • Now, you have to head toward the contact us page, select the notification bar, and turn on the text alert.
  • In last, you will receive notifications accordingly.
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