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How do I contact a person at JFK Airport?

JFK Airport is undoubtedly one of the best in providing all types of comfort to the JFK Airport. Either it is the facility of a Kiosk machine for check-in or any extra assistance for a physically disabled person. You'll be getting the facility of top-class food of your choice. To connect with JFK Airport's customer service, you must ensure you have walked through the detailed information. The executive is going to make sure that your query is going to be resolved shortly. If you want wheelchair assistance and any other help, you need to inform the airport about your requirement. 

How do I talk to a person at JFK?

  • Through JFK contact number is (718) 244-4444.
  • Through the official website.

How do I speak to a person at JFK Airport?

  1. Dial JFK airport customer service number (718) 244-4444 or +1 802 200 9500(USA, OTA).
  2. Choose your language to speak to someone at JFK Airport.
  3. Listen to the IVR command carefully.
  4. Next, Press the key for the related department.
  5. Then, wait till the call is connected to a person at JFK Airport.
  6. Now, you can talk to a live person at JFK Airport.

JFK Airport Contact Information:

  • JFK Airport Phone number: (718) 244-4444 or +1 802 200 9500
  • JFK Airport email customer service:
  • Address: JFK International Air Terminal LLC JFK International Airport, Terminal 4, Room 161.022, Jamaica, NY 11430 (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm)

How do I get through JFK via email?

To email your query, you can compose your email following the step-by-step guide below. Then send the email to Once you have sent the email, you will receive the email on the phone number you mentioned in the email. You can also attach the essential documents in this medium of communication. So, if you have a question, "How do I contact JFK?" Then walk through the steps 

  1. You need to open your email and then write the description of your query. 
  2. Once you have written the description, then mention the contact details. 
  3. After writing the contact details, you must ensure that you have sent your query to the official email address mentioned above. 

You will receive a callback on the number you mentioned in the contact details. Once that has happened, you'll be able to get the resolution regarding the query you sent in the email. 

What is JFK airport opening time?

JFK is open for customers twenty-four hours. You can reach the airport anytime to get the help you want. This way, you'll be able to find the right solution for yourself without delay. You can visit the airport to make the booking if you're not very handy with the internet. Once you have made the booking, then on the day of departure you can visit the airport. If you don't want to make the check-in online, you can use the Kiosk machine for check-in. 

For what queries can customers contact JFK Airport?

Suppose you have queries or want to speak to someone at JFK Airport. Then you can talk to them about any reasons related to your booking. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Family service - You can connect with the customer service team regarding the queries regarding the family services. The airport has ensured that you get assistance related to the baby care facilities. You'll get the facility of the nursing station for your child. 
  • Facilities regarding physically disabled people - You can connect with the customer service team of the JFK airport and inform them about your requirements. They'll ensure that you get the right help. 
  • Medical facilities - If you or any known people will catch the flight through JFK airport. If there is a requirement of any medical facility, then you can contact customer service for that. 

You can call the JFK airport customer service number to know the reasons. 


Q1. How do I request a wheelchair at JFK?

If you require a wheelchair, you must contact the customer service team at least seventy-two hours before boarding the flight. Make sure that you have called on (855) 787-2227, or you need to email your query to The executives from JFK airport will ensure you'll get the wheelchair facility as soon as you reach the airport. 

Q2. How do I get assistance at JFK Airport?

At the helpdesk of JFK, you'll be able to get the help you need. You only need to ask the executive at the helpdesk about the issue you're facing. The executive will quickly provide you with assistance, and without any delay, you'll be able to get all the help you need. If you have any security issues, you can phone the JFK airport security phone number. Then you'll be able to get the information and assistance related to security. You can call JFK Airport customer service at (718) 244 - 4444 or +1 802 200 9500. Then the choice of the right IVR options will be able to make you speak to the right person. 

Q3. How early should you get to JFK?  

To catch your flight without hassle, you must reach JFK airport a minimum of two hours before the flight departure time. Once you have reached the airport at the right time or earlier, ensure you quickly check in. You can even check in through the website. If you're not very good with the electronics, or the online steps, you can directly approach the executive at the helpdesk of JFK Airport. There you can Speak to someone at JFK Airport, and they'll make the check-in for you. 

Q4. How do you skip lines at JFK?

The RESERVE virtual queue line program of JFK Airport allows customers to make a flight reservation on the TSA security screening line up to 72* hours before you get to the airport or while you are in the terminal rush. Now, skip the rush and book a flight early at departure as plans are finalized.

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