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How do I start a complaint with KLM?

KLM is the national airline of the Netherlands. It is an excellent airline that always ensures customer convenience, but sometimes situations might reverse, and people may encounter issues. Let’s say you faced certain difficulties on a KLM flight and want to complain about them. Now if you are thinking about how do I make a complaint to KLM, this article can help you learn how to do so. Customers can complain to the airline by filling out the complaint form, over the phone, email, and many other ways. To know every method in detail, wade through the entire article. 

How do I escalate the complaint with KLM?

Complete the KLM complaint form:


  • As a commencing step, you have to head to KLM’s official website. The link for the same is


  • Reach the contact support page of the website.
  • When you land on the respective page, you shall click the ‘Feedback’ option protruding out of the right side of the screen. 
  • Find the complaint form option, and a new form will open up. 
  • Specify all your details, mention your complaint, and submit the form.
  • The airline will open a complaint ticket and inform you about it over email. They will soon get back to you and provide resolutions. 

File your complaint with KLM over the phone:

Customers can also submit their complaints with KLM by calling their number. You should call the KLM complaints department at 1 (800) 618-0104. Hold on to the call till you connect with a customer service agent. Let them know about your issue, and they will file your complaint. You will get confirmation about it on your registered email ID. 

The easiest way to complain about your issue to KLM is to fill out its complaint form. You can find this form on the website of the airline. The process to get through this form is discussed below. 

Submit a complaint through live chat:

Nowadays, a better and more suitable option to communicate with KLM regarding anything is live chat. It is user-friendly and saves time. You can get help or solutions to every problem through live chat. You can also contact the KLM complaints department to file a complaint via live chat, and the steps to do so are as follows.

  • Repeat the first two steps of the above method.
  • On the contact page, you should click the chat bubble icon in the corner. You should fill out your details first and then proceed with filing your complaint. 
  • Pick a relevant topic from the displayed list or type it on the text field. 
  • Your complaint will be filed with KLM successfully.
  • An agent will connect with you soon and help you out with your complaint. 

Complaint KLM via email:

The next way that enables customers to file complaints with KLM customer service is to send an email. It is suitable and lucid. The airline has a dedicated email address where customers can send their complaints, feedback, suggestions, etc. To file a complaint with KLM, you should send an email to KLM complaints email, which is Mention your details and complete information in the email. The customer service team will contact you over email or call soon and help you out with the inconvenience you have faced. 

phone3 +1 802 332 0104
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