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How can I talk to someone at Virgin Atlantic?

So, if you are wondering how to get in touch with Virgin Atlantic customer service, you are on the right page. Refer to this page until the end and get the answers to all your questions associated with connecting with Virgin Atlantic. If you need to speak to a live person at Virgin Atlantic Airlines urgently dial the Virgin Atlantic contact number +1 800 862 8621 or +1 806 256 8457 to talk to a person at Virgin Atlantic to resolve your query.

Here you can refer to Virgin Atlantic phone numbers for different Regions/Countries:

  • Virgin Atlantic contact number:  +1 800 862 8621 or +1 806 256 8457(US/Canada)
  • Virgin Atlantic US sales support: +1 866 325 7723
  • French: +33 18516 9351 
  • Portuguese: +35 121 060 8310
  • German: +49 800627 3001
  • Spanish: +34 930 039917 or +34 911 236 148

How do I Talk to a Virgin Atlantic live agent?

First, you need to dial Virgin Atlantic Phone number 1 800 862 8621/1 806 256 8457(US, Canada) or +44 203 769 8074(UK)

  • Press the dedicated key command for the preferred language.
  • Then listen to the automatic voice command (IVR).
  •  Next, you have to press the key that says "Speak to a live agent".
  • Wait for a few minutes(3-4 minutes) to connect the call with the Virgin Atlantic live agent.
  • Now, you can talk with a Virgin Atlantic representative.

On the call, you can talk to someone at Virgin Atlantic and ask your question to get a quick response that will be more understandable for you.

How do I Get in touch with Virgin Atlantic?

1) Virgin Atlantic Contact form: You can use the Get in Touch Form to get through Virgin Atlantic customer service to ask questions online from an agent.

2)  By sending an Email:  You can write your compliments, feedback, or any complaint about your last trip to the Virgin Atlantic agent at

3) By Live Chat: Visit the official website and then click on "Chat" on the right side corner of the Get in touch Page of Virgin Atlantic.

4) Use Virgin Atlantic Contact Number: The ask question directly to the Virgin Atlantic agent you need to dial its official phone number +1 800 862 8621 or +1 806 256 8457(US/Canada) or if you trying to reach from another region than visit page to get details of Virgin Atlantic Customer service Numbers.

How do I get through Virgin Atlantic via Chat?

It is an online procedure to talk to Virgin Atlantic, as it is very quick and provides rapid answers to all your questions. The procedure for it is as mentioned below: 

  • Visit the official website of Virgin Atlantic Airlines.
  • Scroll downwards and find the "Help and Contact" option. Click on this option, and you will be directed to the contact page of the airline. 
  • Then, you will find the chat option easily with the name of Amelia, the help bot of Virgin Atlantic. 
  • Click on the "Yes" option, and then you can start the chat with Amelia. It has the answers to all of your questions. But, make sure that you ask the questions properly, as it is a built algorithm. 

How do I send Emails to Virgin Atlantic?

You have to visit the official website of Vueling Airlines and scroll downwards on the page, and you will see the "Help and Contact" page.

  • This will direct you to the contact page,, and you will see the "Email Us" option. 
  • You are to click on the option and then compose your mail and attach the documents, if there are any, as per your query. And then click on the send option. 
  • Then, you will get the answers as soon as customer service sees and processes them for you.

Use Virgin Atlantic Phone Numbers to reach quickly;

For General Inquiries;

  • Reservations & Information: +44 (0) 344 874 7747/+44 203 769 8074
  • Upper-Class Reservations: +44 (0) 344 579 1111
  • Group Sales +44 (0) 344 209 7703 or
  • Flight Information: +44 (0) 344 209 7770
  • Pre-order Tax-Free Shopping: +44 (0) 344 579 0055
  • Advanced Passenger Information: +44 (0) 344 209 8703
  • Flying Club: +44 (0) 344 412 2414
  • Special Assistance: +44 (0) 344 412 4455
  • Special assistance (minicom): +44 (0) 1293 74 76 91

Customer Relations

  • Post-flight  feedback and complaints: +44 (0) 344 873 7747
  • Refunds department:  (9-12noon Mon-Thurs) + 44 (0) 1293 747473
  • Baggage: +44 (0) 344 209 7304


Virgin Cargo: +44 (0) 8700 60 16 70.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I contact Virgin Atlantic by phone in the UK?

To talk to someone at Virgin Atlantic from the UK dial Virgin Atlantic UK Contact Number, 0344 874 7747 or +44 203 769 8074  and speak to a live person at Virgin Atlantic customer service.

What is the Virgin Atlantic Telephone number? 

The Virgin Atlantic customer service phone number is +1 800 862 8621. 

How do I get through Virgin Atlantic?

You need to dial Virgin Atlantic customer service number 1 800 862 8621, then listen to the IVR command say to press the key to get a live person. Press the suitable key to talk to a live person at Virgin Atlantic via phone directly.

Is Virgin Atlantic customer service 24 hours?

Yes, the Virgin Atlantic customer service is available for 24 hours and complete seven days. You can ask them about your doubts at any time of the day. So, you can share your questions with them, and they will be willing to help you then. 

What is the best time to speak to Virgin Atlantic?

Every hour is amazing at Virgin Atlantic. You can get their services at any time of the day. You can get help from them at any time of the day. They are very efficient and very outstanding. Virgin Atlantic has got everything to offer you. 

What is the telephone number for Virgin Atlantic Reservation?

For any question related to reservation, passengers can talk to a live person by using a Virgin Atlantic telephone number. You can directly call the representative of Virgin at 1 (800) 862-8621 this number, and after some IVR formalities, your line can easily connect with the agent. 

What do I call Virgin Atlantic?

To call a Virgin Atlantic representative, you need to connect with the Virgin Atlantic customer service by using their phone number. You can directly get in touch with the agent, but for that, you need to follow the below steps. 

  • Take Virgin Atlantic customer service Phone Number 1 (800) 862-8621.
  • Then select your IVR language. 
  • You have to press the number according to your query. 
  • When the phone asks you to connect with the Airline, press that number. 
  • You are required to press that number. 
  • And after that, you are required to wait for minutes. 
  • And then you are done. Your executive is here. 
  • Ask your query with Virgin Atlantic representative.

How do I contact Virgin Atlantic airlines customer services?

You can get a live person on chat to ask your query. To chat with the live person, you can follow the steps below. 

  • Stop by the official website of Virgin Atlantic.
  •  Then have a look at the help center option. 
  • Then go to the help center and click on the chat box.  
  • Then send a message to the representative of Virgin.
  • Wait for seconds, and a Virgin Atlantic agent will connect with you. 
  • And you can clear your doubts with them. 

How can I contact Virgin Atlantic Flying Club UK?

If you are calling from the UK to Virgin Atlantic, then there is a different number for that. You can use the Virgin Atlantic UK phone number to contact the agent from the UK. Dial this number 0344 874 7747, listen to the IVR, and join with the agent of Virgin Atlantic. 

Does Virgin Atlantic have WhatsApp?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic has WhatsApp services too. If you need any help regarding your reservation, then you can just use the app that you are using on a daily basis. To WhatsApp, first, you need to save this number in your phone diary, then go to WhatsApp, search for the number, and tap on it. You can make a whatsapp call, or you can chat with the executive. The representative will try to provide you with a suitable solution. 

How can I speak to someone at Virgin Atlantic UK? 

  • Visit the Email option on your cell phone.
  • Then you need to write this email address
  • Then you can write your query on compose mail. 
  • Then send it to the Virgin Atlantic's officials.
  • After two to three weeks, you will get a reply from the higher authority.  
phone3 +44 203 769 8074
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