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How do I send a message to United Airlines?

Suppose you are at the airport and the United Airlines flight you booked is delayed. This situation is exasperating you. Moreover, your side's call is not connected to the Airline, so you have decided to send a text message on United Airlines. But how is a text message sent? Here are some steps to send text messages to the customer service team. And soon, they will approach you through a phone call. 

  • Firstly you need to open the messaging application on your phone.
  • Now you have to text "HELP" to 26266 from your mobile device
  • You can also make a call at (1-800-864-8331).

Can you text on United Airlines?

Yes, you can send a text message to United Airlines. In case you want to know how to activate free messaging on united Airlines, then it is informed that you can utilize the free messaging text facility. Hence along with other methods of contact, Airline has provided texting as one of the ways customers worldwide can contact them whenever they need help.

You can send the text message to the United Airlines text number, which is 26266.

How do I text United Airlines?

In case you need to send a text message, you must know the exact process you need to follow. Some processes will help you understand how to text on United Airlines. These processes are of Opt-Out, according to which you have to text to the Airline customer service team. Let us have a look at this process and other points like this:

Opt-out: Through this, you can send the text to the Airline. You must opt out by texting "STOP" from your mobile device or calling your local reservation office.

Text: You can also text "STOP" to 26266 from your mobile device.

For additional information:

You can reply "HELP" from your mobile device or call your local reservation office if you wish to collect more information regarding any itinerary-related topic.

 Is there any charges to text United Airlines?

These points will be helpful for you to know about the fees if it is charged or not.

  1. United Airlines does not impose charge a fee for text messaging services. While the Airline does not charge for this service, its customer service team is not responsible for the charges from a person's service provider that may result from our service. 
  2. As per the text messaging policy, it is the responsibility of the user to check with their carrier, as standard messaging and data rates can be applied. 
  3. United possesses no responsibility for charges incurred by text messaging service. 
  4. If any text messaging fees incur upon you, they will be billed on your mobile provider bill.

 How to receive alerts via text from United Airlines?

This process is called Opt-in, via which you receive text messages that keep you updated. Let see.


  1. With opt-in, you can check United's flight status through notification text messaging provided on your phone number during booking or check-in with United, 
  2. Or you can go to the Phone Settings section of your United official site profile.
  3. Now you have to select the option View under your primary phone number. 
  4. Now you can Edit the device on which you want to receive texts. Check the text messaging option and save your settings. 
  5. You must click on the link, "Make this my flight notification phone number." 
  6. A confirmation will be sent to you.

Why did I get a text from United Airlines?

So why do Airlines text you? Well, there are many reasons. It may sometimes be because of your demand or to keep their passenger updated. You can see the points below:

  1. As a passenger, you may encounter some issues related to your journey. You may feel some obstacles in booking the ticket, or if your flight is getting delayed, or in other cases, you will have to text the Airline. In response, you will also get a text from United Airlines customer service team members.
  2. When you have made your bookings, then you are kept updated about your bookings. Hence you keep receiving texts from the Airline.
  3. Your confirmation code or other numbers like OTP are sent through text messages.
  4. United's flight status notification service will be sent to you. 
  5. Also, flight updates and reminders are texted every time you fly with United. 
  6. You will be sent operational notifications regarding your upcoming travel and check-in reminders.
  7. The text messaging facility is not available in all countries, do remember.

Can I use iMessage on a United flight?

If you are looking to know how to activate free messaging on United Airlines, then it is to inform you that you can activate it. To get a wholesome idea, you are advised to go through the points below.

  1. You are allowed to activate the Free Messaging plan for free on all Wi-Fi-equipped United aircraft forbidding 757s, 767s, and 787s. 
  2. This Messaging plan permits you to send and receive text messages through most apps that are used to send text messages over Wi-Fi, such as Apple Messages/iMessage, WhatsApp, etc. 
  3. But SMS messages can't be sent or received using United Wi-Fi as these messages can only be sent over a cellular network. 
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