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Know Air France Upgrade Procedure, fees, and Policy:

Can I upgrade on Air France? Yes, you can upgrade a flight on Air France using miles and check the availability. It asks you to pay the charges for selecting the classes and seats, which are eligible for a reward upgrade to premium economy and business class. You can hope for the benefits of choosing your best class and desired seat in a wide new cabin and pay the fare difference accordingly. When you go to the upgrade on Air France option, you will experience travel in a higher cabin than the one initially booked. So, you can upgrade your seat to a better class or get a chance at high-class service using reward points or miles before your flight schedule departure. 

How do I upgrade my seat on Air France?

Passengers can upgrade to Air France flight on its official website or through the mobile app or dial 800-237-2747/+1 304 701 2747 to call Air France travel agent by phone to make seat upgrade on Air France flight,

1) Air France seat upgrade Online:

  • First, visit the official booking website of Air France.
  • Find booking details with the reference number and passenger name, which you can find on your confirmation email or e-ticket.
  • It asks you to enter the passenger's reservation number and last name into the desired fields and select the upgrade option.
  • You will choose the new class of service and select your desired seat to travel, which you want to upgrade, and then it will ask you to enter the payment information.
  • You will complete the transaction, and if you find a message for an upgraded seat, your process is done successfully.   

2) Upgrade Air France seat by calling a travel agent:

You need to upgrade your Air France flight and then get the help of an Air France customer service agent to dial the Air France reservation phone number 1 (800) 237-2747+1 304 701 2747 and provide the agent with all the required documents.

3) Upgrade Air France flight At Airport Check-In:

You can upgrade on Air France at Airport while check-in and its last minute to get available seats. 

How Much Does it cost to upgrade seats on Air France?

To upgrade your seats on Air France, you need to pay the cost is around $30 per person and go through the varies depending on the type of reservation and the booking class. If you are checking in at the airport and want to upgrade, it may cost between 300 to 500 USD per passenger securely and also passengers can use miles to upgrade Air France flights please call to know the availability of miles.

What are the ways to Upgrade my seat on Air France?

If you wish to upgrade your seat on an Air France, you can choose at least two options online or by connecting with a live person using contact resources. You will know various other ways to upgrade your seats on Air France and get more flexibility in choosing your seat and other benefits during your flight journey. Upgrade your seat using

  • Online (website or mobile application)
  • At the airport before flight departure and up to the check-in deadlines.
  • On-board upgrades service and speak with a flight attendant.
  • You can also make a phone call to a live person to ask for the seat upgrade suitably.   

How do I upgrade to Business Class On Air France Website?

  1. Go to the Air France website or dial +1 304 701 2747 to upgrade your Air France flight through an agent.
  2. Click on the "Manage bookings" section.
  3. Then, Enter your booking reference number and last name.
  4. Next, press the search button to view your bookings.
  5. Then select a flight from the list to apply for an upgrade.
  6. Next, click the "Upgrade" button and confirm.
  7. Pay the charges for upgrading to business class by card or miles

Can you upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy on Air France?

Yes, you can upgrade on Air France to all paid booking classes from Economy to premium Economy, depending on the availability. 

Can I upgrade from an Economy with Air France?

Yes, you can upgrade from economy with Air France Airlines. You can use the online process for the upgrade. It is the easiest way, and you need to follow the instructions as per mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of Air France Airlines.

  • Select the Manage My Booking available on the top of the homepage.

  • Air France gives the login credentials to its passengers. Enter the login id and password.

  • Now tap on the Edit Booking option.

  • Fill out the Booking reference number and the last name in the following boxes.

  • Click on the search option, and you will get the details of your flight on the screen.

  • Choose from the flight on which you want to upgrade and tap on the continue.

  • Make the payment by selecting mode.

  • Air France will send you the confirmation message on your registered email or mobile phone.

How to upgrade from economy to Premium Economy on Air France?

If you want to Air France upgrade to a premium economy, then you can visit the help desk counter at the airport. You need to submit the tickets and the required documents at the desk, and then the representative will provide the boarding pass with the upgrade. Seat upgradation is dependent on seat availability. If there are seats on the flight, then you will upgrade the seat.

What is the difference between Air France's economy and Premium Economy?

If you upgrade from the Air France economy to premium, then the benefits you will get are mentioned below:

  • On the premium economy, you will get the extra legroom seat which is more comfortable. On the economy, the seats are not reclined and will not get extra legroom.
  • You will get the food in the premium economy.
  • In economy, you are allowed to carry one carry-on bag, but in premium economy, you can carry more than one bag.
  • In the premium economy, you will get in-flight entertainment. 

How do I upgrade my Air France economy to business?

For Air France upgrade business, you can use the calling process. You can dial the number +1 800 237 2747/+1 304 701 2747, and the call will be connected to the IVR. You need to make a selection from the options in order to get your call forwarded to the customer service representative. The steps you need to follow are as per listed below:

  • Dial 1 to choose the language.
  • Dial 2 for the flight reservation.
  • Dial 3 to check the baggage policies.
  • Dial 4 to upgrade the seat.
  • Dial 5 for meals and drinks.
  • Dial 6 to check the flight status.
  • Dial 7 to speak to the Air France customer service representative.

How much is an upgrade on the airport for Air France?

The charge for an upgrade on the Air France upgrade for the airport will be approximately 30 dollars. But the fees also depend on your traveling route and on the class on which you want to upgrade are as per described below:

  • If you want to upgrade from economy to premium economy, then you need to pay at least 45 dollars.
  • The passengers who upgrade from the premium economy to business class then they need to pay approximately 60 dollars.
  • The passengers will get the seat upgrade only when the seats are available on the flight.
  • If you are a premium member, then you can use your mileage point for a seat upgrade.
phone3 +1 304 701 2747
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