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How do I use my voucher on American Airlines?

American Airlines issues travel vouchers on many occasions, ranging from flight refunds as rewards for loyal customers. Using an American Airlines voucher is a straightforward procedure, and these vouchers can be redeemed for booking flight reservations, or any additional service one may want. The American Airlines official Website presents the option to redeem these vouchers, and one can get on the American Airlines homepage and follow the following steps to do so.

Redeem AA vouchers via Website:

  1. Once on the American homepage, click on the “Find flights” tab and search for a flight.
  2. Use the different parameters to search for the flight, like the flight origin, destination, flight arrival, departure, etc.
  3. Choose the suitable flying option from the search results and then fill in the details of all the passengers as required.
  4. Choose the flight seats for all of the passengers, or American Airlines will assign a random seat to each individual in the flying party.
  5. One can add further services as desired like priority boarding, extra baggage service, onboard meals, drinks, etc.
  6. Continue and get to the flight payment webpage.
  7. Select the “Other payment options” and click on the Travel voucher option.
  8. Enter the unique numeric code of the travel voucher to redeem the voucher.
  9. If the total cost of the booking is less than the monetary worth of the voucher, then the same voucher can be reused later for the left amount.
  10. If the total cost of the booking is higher than the voucher’s worth, one can pay the left amount using other payment options like cash or miles.
  11. A confirmation email will indicate the status of the booking as confirmed and will contain the details of the flight reservation.

Redeem American Airlines Voucher via customer care:

If the American Airlines website is inaccessible due to some reason, then one can contact the American customer service for help redeeming a voucher. One can get the contact numbers of the American customer care, and more specifically their reservations department, and dial the number while keeping the travel voucher details handy. The reservations agent will help in booking a required flight ticket and redeem the voucher as well. Plus, one can ask any other queries they may have regarding the travel vouchers or reservations.

How long are American Airlines vouchers good for?

An American Airlines travel voucher can be used to book flights or purchase other American Airlines services within 12 months of its issuing to the customer. After this one year, the travel voucher will expire and become redundant, without any scope of an American Airlines voucher extension as stated by the Airline itself. However, the vouchers left unused due to the global Covid pandemic may be revived after expiry by calling and requesting the American Airlines customer service to do so.

Will American Airlines refund my voucher?

American Airlines doesn’t allow travel vouchers to be encashed, barring certain occasions.

  1. If an individual has a significant reason, one can call the American Airlines customer service and request them to encash the travel voucher.
  2. In cases of flight cancellation by American Airlines and not by the passenger, one can ask the Airline for a total cash refund instead of a travel voucher.
  3. If the passenger has canceled the flight, American Airlines will process the refund in accordance with the refund policy.
  4. Cancellation within 24 hours of the booking is eligible for a complete refund in the original mode of currency, and one will get a cash refund in such cases.
  5. After 24 hours from the booking, a cancellation may beget a refund either as cash or as a voucher.

Are American Airlines vouchers transferable?

American Airlines vouchers are nontransferable. The travel vouchers can only be redeemed using the account of the person to whom American Airlines issued the voucher. However, one can book a ticket for another person instead of trying to transfer the voucher to them, which would eventually work in the same way. 

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