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How do I use my Delta miles on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico is one of the core global partners in the airline of Delta. That gives the customer of Delta the liberty to use their Delta miles to make the reservation for their Aeromexico flight. People often prefer this shift and use Delta miles on Aeromexico when they are still looking for a flight to their destination with Delta. The steps and process to initiate the reservation with Aeromexico are given here in detail for a better understanding. 

The process to use Delta miles to pay for Aeromexico flight:

Travelers can redeem Delta miles when booking an Aeromexico flight online through the airline's official website. The steps to make an online reservation are mentioned and explained here. 

  • Get onto the official website of Delta, or you can also get on the Fly Delta app. 
  • Choose the option of 'Book' on the website's homepage or in the Delta app. 
  • There will be a box next to "Shop with Miles" or "Show Price in Miles" on the app. Click on the box to move ahead.
  • You need to enter all your flight preferences and select the option "Find Flights."
  • Once you get onto the flight page, select the preferred Aeromexico flight for your destination and complete the purchase with the final payment to get the e-ticket by mail. 

What is the expiration date of Delta miles?

Delta miles do not have an expiration date as long as passengers have their Delta account open, active, and in good condition. However, the passengers get to use my Delta points with Aeromexico only once. If the passengers ever close their Delta miles account without using their miles, then it will automatically get forfeited. 

Conditions where Delta miles expire

  • When the passenger closes their account. 
  • Or when the airline close the account.

Even if you have the edge on the master as the Delta miles do not expire, it is still advisable for you to redeem it from time to time as there is no profit in building up a huge number of Delta points. 

It is not possible for you to transfer Delta Miles to Aeromexico, but you can always make the reservation of your flight using the miles points with any partner company of the airline. 

What is the monetary value of Delta miles points?

The average value of Delta miles is 1.12 cents per mile, which means that almost 1000 Delta miles points will value at almost $112. Always ensure that the Delta miles value varies as per its usage. One of the best ways to earn Delta miles is the use of a Credit Card for the payment. 

How many miles points do you need to book a free flight?

People need at least 6500 Delta miles to book a flight without making any payment monetarily. The Delta points mentioned above will be enough for you to book a one-way flight, and they need to pay at least 9000 miles to book a free round-trip. However, these are the mere approximation of the amount that you'll need to make the reservation. The exact miles points to be paid for the booking depend upon the distance covered by the flight. So, the miles points needed to book a free flight can change as per the travel destination. 

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