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About Condor Airlines Reservation 

Condor is one of the airlines that provide various flight services digitally, so it is easy to access the airline from your preferred location. The condor offers multiple payment gateways by the help of which you can make transactions without any delay. Condor provides an airline application that is available on your phone. 

You can go for booking, reservation, or cancellation through this app any time, 24 hours and seven days. You can also get discounts and coupons on your flight ticket to grab the best deals at a convenient rate. You can go for Condor airlines reservations via phone call or website. You can select your seat according to your convenience and comfort. You can follow the below-mentioned procedure to reserve your seat on condor airlines. The procedure includes steps explained in layman's language so that you can apply them without expert advice or external guidance.

How do I reserve my seat on Condor Airlines? 

To make a reservation or reserve your seat on Condor Airlines, dial 1-866-960-7915 or +1 806 256 8457(OTA, USA&Canada) Condor Airlines Reservation phone number or visit its official website, Condor Airlines representative available 24*7.You have to provide the details when prompted.The executive will guide you till you choose the best possible seat option.

Here's How do you reserve seats on a Condor by phone:

  • Visit Condor airlines official website or dial 1-866-960-7915 or +1 806 256 8457(USA & Canada)
  • Then move to the contact us section.
  • After that, click on the call us tab.
  • Tab will show you the toll-free number; dial it.

The dialed contact number will connect you with IVR; follow the instructions below to get in touch with the airline expert.

  • Press 1 for flight status 
  • Press 2 to manage to book 
  • Press 3 for baggage claim 
  • Press 4 to talk to the airline customer service.
  • Press # to disconnect the call 

Seat reservation through Condor airline website 

Airlines provide a digital platform on which you can perform various tasks while sitting at your place. The website can be accessible 24 hours and seven days. Through the site, you can reserve your seat on a condor flight. You can go through the below mentioned steps to redirect yourself to the seat selection page.

  • You need to open the site of the condor airline.
  • Log in with your account, and the page will show you the flight booking tab, click on it.
  • After that, enter your booking details such as travel type ( round trip, one way, etc.), departure and arrival schedule ( date and time), number of passengers, etc.
  • Now the page will display you the list of available flights according to your details.
  • Select the flight, and you will get a seat map option, click on it.
  • The map will show you the available seats from which you can choose your suitable seat option for better comfort.
  • At last, make the necessary payment, and the airline will drop confirmation mail on your registered email id.

 What are the methods to reserve seats on Condor Airlines?

There are different methods to reserve your seat on a condor flight. Either you can reserve your suitable seat while booking a flight, or after booking, you can select your seat while checking in with the help of the below-discussed procedure.

  • You can search for the official webpage of the condor airline.
  • Log in through your account, and the page will display. 
  • Then move to the check in a tab, and click on it.
  • Enter your booking number and surname.
  • After that, select your reservation and seat from the seat map.
  • At last, you will get your boarding pass on your registered email id, take out the hard copy and bring it to the airport check-in desk.

How much does it cost to reserve my seat on Condor Airlines?

According to condor's airline seat selection policy, if you have selected your seat on time, you will get it free of cost; otherwise, the airline will choose on their own. But if you want to change your seat for some reason, it may charge you an extra fare to pay. The condor seats reservation cost may vary according to the seat type. You can also get window seats or sit in the front row, but you need to spend some dollars; generally, it is from 13$ to 40$.

Can I choose my seat to reserve on the Condor flight?

Yes, you can choose your seat on a condor flight, whether traveling in premium or business class. Whether you can approach airline authority directly or apply through the site.

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