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How long is KLM waiting times?

Many times, when you try to contact the airline, your call will get on hold for too long, or the phone number will be busy, and you will not be able to contact customer service. The average KLM waiting time is an hour and 38 minutes, depending on the call traffic. There are other ways also through which you can get in touch with someone from the airline.

How do I Skip hold time on KLM?

If you need immediate assistance from the airline, then the first thing you will do is contact customer service. But your call will get on hold when you try to contact the airline. However, you can skip the hold time by using any of the following ways:

  • Press "*" or "#" - When you try to call the airline, and your call gets on hold, and you want to Skip KLM hold time, then you can press "*" or "#," and it will send a notification to the KLM representative that will inform them that you are waiting for a long time and your call will be set as a priority. 
  • Use local KLM phone number - You can use the airline's local phone number to connect with the representative, as the official number might be busy because of the 
  • Avoid high call traffic hours - Try to avoid contacting KLM during the high call traffic hours as many people are trying to contact the airline a d 

Why is the KLM phone waiting so long?

When you try to contact the airline through a call, you will get on hold, and there are many reasons the KLM waiting time is so long. You can read the given points to grasp the information about the reasons behind the long waiting time: 

  • Many passengers trying to contact - One of the reasons why KLM phone waiting is long is because many passengers are trying to contact at the same time.
  • Fewer representatives available - There are fewer representatives available to help you with your issue as many airlines are facing the problem of a shortage of employees.
  • Passengers take a long time to discuss their issue - Another reason for the long phone waiting on KLM is that when a passenger gets in touch with a representative, they take a lot of time to discuss their issue with customer service.

Why is KLM call volume so high?

A phone call is one of the quickest methods to contact the airline as you get an immediate response to your question, and when you contact the airline, call traffic is high because people have many questions whose answers they need. To tackle this, you can Skip KLM hold time, and a representative will get associated with you. The airline provides many services in different countries, and people are trying to contact them. There is a time limit at which you can call customer service.

After reading the above information, you must know how you can skip/stop KLM hold time and the waiting time of the airline. If you still have any issues, you can also use other methods to contact customer service.

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