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A Guide to Flight ticket on Hold:

In some cases, some travelers are not sure about their journey, and they want to hold their airline tickets. Flight reservations on hold mean tickets are held for a while and reserved in the travelers' name, so they do not get sold to other passengers. This is done without paying the airline's charges for reserving the flight tickets. if you wanted to know more information regarding How long can you hold a flight reservation?

What does it mean to book a flight on hold?

Hold Flight reservation means searching for multiple flights for booking and deciding which flight to be booked when the remaining seats of the flight are limited and travelers waiting to get a confirmed flight ticket.

What are the policies for Holding flight reservations?

There are a few policies that passengers have to follow when they are holding their flight tickets. These terms and conditions will guide the users and avoid faults. Here are some mentioned in the below section:

  • If travelers book their flight tickets, they can do it only for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, there are some holding charges that travelers have to pay for holding flight tickets. 
  • If travelers have selected a travel agent to hold their flight tickets, they can hold the flight tickets for 48 hours. 
  • The tickets can be held for a maximum of seven days, and after that, passengers have to pay the booking fees to the airline.
  • If tickets are not booked after the holding process, they will automatically get canceled by the airline. 

How do I book a flight on hold?

Before traveling to any destination, the first step that every passenger takes is they prefer holding their flight tickets. Many passengers search for help to hold their flight tickets. To hold a flight reservation, passengers can go through the steps those are given below.There might be some issues that might lead the users to hold the flight tickets instead of booking them. This can happen when they are unsure about the trip they have planned.

Steps to holding the fight tickets:

Here is the online way travelers can easily hold their flight tickets. If there are any issues regarding the holding of flight tickets, follow the points given below:

  • Visit the Official websites of Airlines or authorized flight booking websites.
  • Go to the ‘booking’ section at the top of the website.
  • On the tab, enter the departing, arriving destination, number of passengers, and the date you have to travel. 
  • Click on the search button. A list of the flights will appear on the screen.
  • Select any of the flights according to your choices. Go to the detailed entry of the flight. 
  • Enter the information of the passengers on the tab like name, address, and other contact details. Click on the ‘continue’ button.
  • When the payment section appears on the screen, go to the bottom of the page, and select the ‘hold flight’ option.
  • The flight tickets will get held for 24 hours. Passengers can extend it by giving some charges to hold their flight tickets. 
  • Confirm the booking of flight tickets; once you are sure about booking the flight tickets. Contact the travel agencies near you to hold the flight tickets for a while. 

How long can you hold a flight reservation?

To hold flight reservation duration is vary from airline to airline. Most airlines allow holding flight reservations for up to 7 days. But few Airlines like United offers to hold flight ticket for 14 days.

How long can travel agents hold the flight tickets?

If travelers have hired or asked the travel against to help them with the flight holding process, they can hold it up to 48 hours. After 48 hours of holding flight tickets, passengers have to pay the holding penalty to the airline.

Can I hold flight tickets without paying?

If travelers do not want to pay the flight holding prices to the airline, then it is possible for them. Travelers can hold the fight tickets for free of cost until 24 hours. Even the cancellation of flight tickets can be done without paying any penalty to the airline. 

Airlines that allow you to hold reservations longer than 24 hours:

1. Aegean Air: It holds your ticket and fare for 4 days for domestic flights and 6 days for international flights. To hold flight reservations on Aegean Air charges €3 (∼$3.50) for domestic flights and €6 (∼$7) for international flights, which is non-refundable.

2. Aeroflot:  Aeroflot will place your plane ticket on hold for 48 hours at the fee od $14.You need to make the reservation on hold at least 54 hours before to be eligible for hold reservations.

3. Air France: It will hold your flight reservations upto 3 days and the fee is varying to destination.

4. Air New Zealand: Air NZ will hold flight reservations for 3 days for a small holding fee which is non-refundable.The expected Air NZ holding fare Domestic New Zealand: $10, Trans-Tasman and Pacific Island Destinations: $25, All Other International Destinations: $45.

5. American Airlines:  AA offers to hold flight reservations for 5 days with the difference in fees that may vary due to destinations, American airlines hold fees started at $5 for a 3-day hold, $10 for a 5-day hold, and $15 for a 7-day hold.

6. ANA: With ANA you can put the flight reservations on hold for 72 hours with a flat fee of $ 10 and it cannot be refunded.

7. United Airlines: You can put your United Airlines reservations on hold from 7-14 days. The flight hold fee of United depends on the type of flight ticket and destination chosen by passengers.

8. WestJet: To place your WestJet flight reservations on hold you need to pay approx. $10 which can be held upto 72 hours.

9. Turkish Airlines: You will get multiple options to hold your flight booking with Turkish Airlines that is for flights departing in 5-10 days you can hold for 24 hours, for flights departing in more than 10 days you can hold for Turkish flight upto 3 days, and 7-14 days on hold for some selected Turkish flights

10. TAP Portugal: You need to pay the Hold fee of around $7 to $13 which holds your flight reservations for 48 hours.

How long can you reserve a flight before paying?

You might be aware of the fight reservation hold. You can use it when you have seen the best deal but are unsure about your reservation. But might not be aware of the hold time. You can Reserve flight without paying for 24 hours. And if you did not make a reservation, the holding price will be automatically canceled. Any changes in the flight price during the 24 hours won't affect the holding price.

Can I book a flight before paying?

You might now be wondering if you can reserve flight without paying. Yes, you can make a reservation on the flight and pay for your tickets later. Many flights offer the plan book now, pay later. You can use the plan and book your flight tickets without paying in advance. But some certain rules and policies follow the airline's policies to avoid any inconvenience in your travel experience.

How to make a flight reservation without paying?

If you have noticed the best deal, but you are still not sure about making a booking on the flight, then you can reserve flight without paying for 24 hours. If you want to know how to hold your flight price, continue reading.

  • Open the main page of the airlines you have chosen.
  • Then you need to book your flight tickets as you normally would.
  • Enter the arrival and departure destination and the date of your travel.
  • Click on the search flight. A list of flights for destination will be listed on the following page.
  • You can choose the airlines and enter the details of those who are traveling.
  • When it comes to making a payment, click on the hold my flight option from the menu and confirm.
  • You will get a notification to your registered email address regarding the holding price of your flight.

Keep in mind that if you don't confirm your reservation with the airlines, the tickets will be automatically canceled.

Frequently Asked Queries:

What does on-hold mean when booking a flight?

It means Airlines hold reservations of travelers for any reason ( Payment confirmation, or could be changed in flight). And reservations will never be released without traveler confirmation.

What does holding my booking mean?

With help of “Hold my flight booking”, the Airline will keep the selected flight on hold at the current price up to 4 days for Domestic flights and for 6 days for international flights.

How long can I hold my flight reservation without paying?

Except for a Few low-cost airlines, you can hold flight reservations 24 hours for free. Otherwise, some airlines demand a holding fee from customers to extend the reservations on hold.

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