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Can you get a refund on a Virgin Atlantic flight?

Yes, if your ticket or booking cancels through the Virgin Atlantic flight then, you can request a refund. However, for requesting to get back your refund, you must fill out the Virgin refund request form to get it. In addition, your Virgin refund request is only in line with the process when you are eligible for it. For that, you must know about the terms and conditions of the refund from Virgin Atlantic. 

What is Virgin Atlantic Refund Policy?

  1. It is not compulsory, you will receive a refund on all tickets because all bookings and tickets are not refundable to you.
  2. When your flight is canceled, and the airline cancels your bookings, you will get a notification. Then, you are fully eligible to take a refund from Virgin Atlantic.
  3. If you book the tickets directly from Virgin Atlantic airlines not any third party or travel agent.
  4. You know the 6-digit booking reference code that will start from A to G with numbers.

So, you only get a refund from Virgin Atlantic Airlines when they can cancel your flights or for any other reason under refund policy.

How do I get a refund from Virgin Atlantic Airlines?

  1. Log in to the official website or+1 802 200 9500(OTA), for Virgin Atlantic Refund.
  2. Click on the tab “Manage my booking”.
  3. Enter the booking number and passenger's last name, to access the dashboard.
  4. Choose canceled Flight tickets.
  5. Select option “ Request Refund” for a Virgin Atlantic flight ticket.
  6. Fill out the “Refund Form” to get a Virgin Atlantic refund.

After that, submit the form to the airlines of Virgin Atlantic. However, they will begin your refund process after receiving the form request.

 How long do Virgin Atlantic refunds take??

Virgin Atlantic airlines refund is being processed around 14 working days after request. However, when you submit the refund request form, airlines can start your refund process in 2-5 days. In addition, Virgin Atlantic refund status will be sent to your mail by the airlines to track your refund status. Moreover, open your mail. Click on the status link and open it. After that, check your status by phone or desktop easily. However, if you can’t get your refund, immediately contact Virgin Atlantic airlines through call, mail, and fill out the contact form.

How do I contact Virgin Atlantic for a refund?

To call Virgin Atlantic for a refund you need to call on the flight disruption line;1-800-862-8621/+1 802 200 9500  in the USA or +44 (0) 344 209 7777 in the UK.  

phone3 +1 802 200 9500
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