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Guide to request an Iberia Refund:

Iberia is indeed one of the best airlines because of its customer-centric approach. If you had a journey with them earlier, then you must have experienced their excellent hospitality and good customer service. If you had made a reservation with the airline and now have to cancel it due to some inevitable circumstances, and if you wonder how to get an Iberia refund from the airline, then read the below article to know about their refund policy and process.

Can I get my money back from Iberia?

Yes, you can get a refund according to the Iberia refund policies if your cancellation is made under applicable circumstances as per the policy. 

What is the policy for requesting a refund from Iberia?

Iberia airlines have certain guidelines for the passengers applying for a refund, so before opting for the Iberia refund form, you need to know about the guidelines.

  1. Suppose the cancellation is made within one day of Iberia flight ticket purchase and the scheduled departure is after seven days or more. In that case, you will not have to pay any cancellation charges and will get a full refund.
  2. If the cancellation is made after 24 hours with Iberia, then some cancellation amount will be deducted from your refund value.
  3. The cancellation penalty will depend on the route, travel distance, date, or other major factors.
  4. If your ticket is canceled due to involuntary reasons, i.e., from the airline end, then you will get a full refund from the airline through the Iberia refund request form.
  5. If you cancel your Iberia award ticket, then it will be non-refundable.
  6. The refund form should be submitted within 48 hours from the cancellation time.
  7. In case of the death of a family member, you need to provide the original death certificate and a photocopy of the Family Book. The airline will assign the full refund of a plane ticket in the event of the death of a close relative, including the parent, child, spouse, or in-law of the ticket holder. 

How do I get a refund from Iberia?

  1. Visit the official website of Iberia,, or +1 802 200 9500(Iberia refund contact)
  2. Click on “My Trips”.
  3. Enter the booking number and last name of the passenger to get access.
  4. From the dashboard, select canceled Iberia flight ticket.
  5. Choose the tab “Request Refund.”
  6. Fill in the “Iberia Refund Request” and “Submit.”

Now after the refund request is processed, you will get a notification regarding a refund from Airline on your registered email id or phone number. You can also track your Iberia refund status by providing a link to you.

You can also process the Iberia refund through a phone call by contacting the Iberia customer service executive. Follow the given steps-

  1. You have to dial (+1) 800 772 4642  or +1 802 200 9500 on your phone.
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Follow the IVR instructions. 
  4. Press 1 for baggage issue
  5. Press 2 for refund processes
  6. After pressing the relevant numeric key, wait for a little while until your call gets connected to the live executive.
  7. Explain your concern and ask to process the refund on your behalf
  8. Provide the required details for processing the refund to the agent- booking reference id, full name, etc.
  9. After completing the process, you will get a confirming mail, and don't forget to ask for your refund request id to track your refund request.

What is the Iberia refund amount after cancellation?

The airline's cancellation charges are not specified because they vary depending on your route, class, distance, or other factors. Just see the below Iberia Airlines Cancellation Fees according to their class.

Cancellation Fee of Iberia Airlines:

The Express or classic fares are non-refundable, so you can get flying points if you cancel these ticket

  • For the Flex Fare Category: $ 61.22(Approx.)
  • For Business Fare Class:$ 91.84(Approx.)
  • The business flex category is free.

How long does Iberia take to refund?

The refund time will depend on your payment method while purchasing the ticket online or offline. If you have made a payment through an online card Credit/Debit, the refund amount will be credited in 5-7 days to your original payment bank account.It would take 15-20 days if you made payment while purchasing a ticket with cash/ cheque.

If you want to know about the refund policies and still stressing about how to get an Iberia refund, then you can call the customer service number. You will get a timely response from the executive because they are available 24/7 to assist you.

phone3 +1 802 200 9500
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