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What is Copa Airlines Refund Policy?

Copa Airlines has received an enormous response from its passengers to maintain high-quality standards and provide a world-class travel experience. They provide uninterrupted service to their passengers. But sometimes, due to some unpredictable incident, you may have to cancel your booking and apply for a refund. The refund is guided by the Copa airlines refund policy. If you are planning to ask for a refund, then you must be aware of the terms and conditions of the policies. Copa Airlines has managed to earn the trust of passengers because of its service and customer-friendly policies. You can follow the given instructions to learn about the refund policy of Copa Airlines:

What is Copa Airlines refund status?

  1. A refund from Copa is subject to the fare rules. This means that you will get a refund as per the nature of your ticket.
  2. You will only get a refund on a refundable ticket.
  3. If you have a Copa non-refundable ticket, you can use it as a payment method for a new ticket, which has to be in the name of the same passenger as on the original ticket.
  4. If you have completely used the tickets, then they are non-refundable.
  5. If your flight is canceled or has been delayed by 4 hours or more, then you can claim a refund.
  6. If you have used your ticket partially, then it may or may not be refundable, as it has been mentioned under the rules of the purchased fare.
  7. If you are requesting a refund, then it has to be within the validity period of the ticket.
  8. Tickets will be refunded in the same country where their sale was made.
  9. You will get the refund in the same form of payment or currency you used while purchasing the ticket.
  10. You will get a refund only when the cancellation charges and applicable taxes are deducted.
  11. If the passenger is dead, then the refund will be given according to Copa Airlines’ current policy. If you want to avail the refund, then it is mandatory to present a copy of the death certificate.

How to get a refund for Copa Airlines?

Passengers need to go through Copa Airlines' official website or dial +1 802 200 9500Copa airlines refund phone number.

  1. Visit the official website of or +1 802 200-9500(OTA)
  2. Select “Manage Booking”
  3. Now enter the booking reference number or last name to get your details.
  4. Select a Copa flight ticket to get a refund.
  5. Choose option “refund” or “Refund status”.
  6. Fill out the “refund form” and “submit”.
  7. You will be granted a refund within seven business days.

If you want to know about your Copa Airlines refund status, then you can check your email, as it will confirm whether the refund is granted or not. You should also apply for a refund by connecting to the customer service executive of Copa Airlines.

How do I check the status of my Copa refund?

To check Copa airline's refund Status visit, from the Customer Service section, click to Complaint Resolution option and enter the Refund Status/Request Form. 

How long does Copa Airlines take to refund?

  1. You will get a Copa refund in 7 days if you have made the payment from your credit card.
  2. It will take around 20 days If you buy a ticket in cash. So it will take around 7-20 days for a refund.

Copa Airlines has devised a passenger-friendly refund policy where they can easily cancel their flight and apply for a refund. If you still face problems with the refund, then you can reach the Copa Airlines refund phone number. The customer executive of Copa Airlines is very supportive and helpful. They will resolve your issue promptly.

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