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Does Air NZ provide hold flight ticket services?

Yes, you can hold flight tickets with Air New Zealand, and you can use the website for Air NZ hold flight tickets, or you can use a phone also, there are various reasons people want to use hold flight ticket services as it gives flexibility and you can take your time and select to book those tickets or leave them if your plans have been changed, and this is the reason using this feature is always a good idea as you are not paying the whole fees to the airlines you are just giving some amount, and in return, they are holding your ticket until you cancel or make payment to finish your booking of that particular seat finally.

How can I hold my flight on Air NZ?

This is the most asked issue among the flyers of Air New Zealand, and there is a process that you can follow if you are also not sure of your plan for that you have to first complete your ticket reservation, and towards the completion of this process you see hold ticket then you have to select that follow these steps if you want to utilize Air NZ hold flight tickets that is provided by the air New Zealand to its travelers

  • First, visit the website of Air NZ or dial +64 98 896 565.
  • Click on a booking
  • After it, you must select your flight as a round trip or one way and departure as well as arrival place
  • You have to now click on the timings you find suitable 
  • Then you have to complete the details as well 
  • Now on the payments page, you see hold my flight 
  • Click on hold, and your flight is on hold now.

You can later book after paying the fee for that seat, or you can cancel and get your hold money to your account.

How long hold on Air NZ?

It is also useful to get yourself informed on the maximum time limit you can hold your ticket so that you can utilize Air NZ's hold flight ticket facility to its fullest after you make a booking and select hold a ticket and hold time of Air NZ is three days prior to your departure of flight of Air NZ so if you are aware on this then you can get hold of your ticket for the maximum limit and at last, you can make a selection either you can make payment and complete your reservation or cancel ticket

There is a facility for holding a ticket that is provided by Air New Zealand, and after following the process that is given, you can make use of this facility and make a ticket purchase it is useful if you are not sure of your travel plans as this gives you a flexibility to make a selection if you are not going then you can straight away make cancelation, or you can make your reservation complete, and you can hold your flight ticket for a maximum of 3 days that is hold time of Air NZ that you have to know as well 


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