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Advice to Get a hold of WestJet

When you do not have sufficient time to communicate with the representative, the option of hold is quite beneficial. If you are connected with the representatives but want to discuss the plan with family or friends, then the call hold option also helps you. While traveling with WestJet airlines, you can avail several benefits like complete packages, special facilities for disabled passengers, a refund after a flight cancelation, etc. You can also do that if you are connected with the representative and want a hold. If you do not know about Westjet hold times, you do not need to worry; you need to read below. 

Is there a hold time for Westjet?

Yes, WestJet gives a hold time; of around 3 minutes 48 seconds so you can bypass(skip) WestJet hold time by dialing +1 802 200 9500 (OTA, skip wait) to connect with representatives. If the representative does not receive any response from your side, they disconnect the call, and you need to start the process again. 

What is the average hold time for WestJet?

If you wants to know how long is the WestJet hold time, then it is approx. 3 minutes 50 seconds. You can try a call on 1 (802) 200 9500 and avoid hold(wait) time on WestJet to communicate with an agent.

Why are WestJet call times so long?

WestJet Airlines is one of the biggest airlines which covers several destinations, and due to its large network, many passengers regularly travel with WestJet airlines. Because of the number of passengers, many passengers connect with the representatives to solve their queries, due to which other passengers face long call wait. You can avoid Westjet call wait time if you connect with the official representatives of WestJet airlines in the early morning, like between 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM. But even these timings are also busy and face long call hold if you connect with the representatives on weekends or holidays. 

How do I get a hold of WestJet?

There are several ways to get a call hold of Westjet airlines, but due to lack of guidance, if you cannot do it, you can easily follow the below-mentioned process. 

Via phone call: Resolving your queries on the WestJet phone number will always help you save precious time and if you want quick answers to your questions, go with the call option. To get a hold on call, follow the steps below. 

  • Call on WestJet phone number 1 (888) 937-8538 or+1 802 200 9500 
  • The choose the suitable language 
  • Further, you need to say your country's name with the code
  • Last you have to follow the IVR 
  • Press 1 to make the new bookings or to modify previous bookings 
  • Press 2 if you want to know about miles, offers, complete packages or deals, 
  • Press 3 if you lost your luggage or to know about luggage policies 
  • Press 4 If you want to get a hold 
  • Press 5 to directly connect with the official representative
  • Press 6 if you want to visit in back menu 
  • Choose the option and connect to WestJet agent

Via online: You can also request a hold through the online process if you have trouble connecting to the Westjet phone number. You can follow the below-mentioned process if you want to request a hold-on call. 

  • Open WestJet airline's official website in your browser 
  • Then you click the contact us page from the left side of the screen. 
  • Further, you need to choose the chat option from the available options. 
  • After this, mention your complete name, contact number, mail id, and other details. 
  • Following this, mention your flight booking information, like departure date and flight timings, and then submit the details. 
  • Further, you receive a security code on your contact details mentioned in the given space. 
  • Next, a chat box will appear on the screen to mention your query, hold time, and send it. 
  • Last, the representative will connect with you and receive a conversation copy on your mail id. 

How to hold fare on WestJet? 

Sometimes your plans are not confirmed due, but you want to book the flight; in this situation, the fare hold option is helpful. In this option, you will benefit from making the flight reservation by paying a limited amount and the rest of the amount you have paid within 24 hours to confirm your bookings. But if you do not make the complete payment, you will not receive a confirmation mail of successfully booking the flight. If you want a fare hold, follow the process below. 

  • Go to the website of WestJet airlines. 
  • After this, click on the new bookings option.
  • Following this, mention the destination name and departure airport name.
  • Further, you need to fill out the date of departure and, if it is a round trip, the date of coming back. 
  • Next, you can see all the flights on that date; choose the flight at your convenience. 
  • Then fill out the passenger information like name, contact number, mail id, etc., and submit the details. 
  • After this, a payment page will open, click on Hold fare and then pay the mentioned amount on the screen. 
  • Last WestJet airlines will send you mail of reserving a flight on the mentioned mail id. 

By following the above ways, you get information about WestJet hold time, and still, if you face any trouble, you can also send your query on mention link. 

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