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How long is the hold time for American Airlines?

There is some confusion in planning because you may be looking to reserve seats on American Airlines. After all, the ticket price is very high on the last minute booking. For this reason, you are looking for ways to make a reservation and also want to know how long you will hold time for American Airlines. So, you can hold your flight for 24 hours of you leaves the flight.

Can I hold a flight reservation with American Airlines?

American Airlines allows you to hold the AA flight by paying some additional fare to the airline. In addition, you can hold your flight for 24 hours before 7 days before departing the flight without paying any extra fare. And, if you want to extend the hold time for American Airlines, you need to pay an additional fare to American Airlines. 

How long can I hold an American Airlines flight reservation? 

According to the American Airlines hold policy, you can hold the reservation 24 hours of departing the flight when you book your flight ticket seven days before flying the flight. However, if you want to American airlines extended hold, you need to pay the additional fare. 

What is the procedure for holding American Airlines flight bookings? 

Moreover, for holding the American Airlines flight booking, there is the process of American airlines hold time for 24 hours and for extending. For this, you need to pursue the steps that are given below.

Hold your reservation for 24 hours:

Follow the steps of holding the flight for 24 hours; for that, you need to go to the American Airlines webpage, 

  1. Select your seats on American Airlines, 
  2. then, pawl to the continue, and you are on the payment page(There, you will see the hold option)
  3. Click on the “hold” tab (by clicking on the tab hold, your reservation is on hold)

In 24 hours, go to the “my trips” and pay the itinerary receipt fare for holding the reservation. Thus, your flight will automatically be canceled if you can’t pay your ticket fare or your flight payment. And if you want to extend your hold, you need to track down the following steps that are stated below:

Extend hold your reservation: 

  1. Choose the seats on the American Airlines flight 
  2. Then, continue all the reservation steps and go to the “review and payment” page(There, you will see extend hold option)
  3. Pawl on the “extend hold” tab (for American airlines extended hold, you need to pay the charges for it, and these charges are non-refundable)
  4. Pay the hold charges.

Then, complete your reservation by going to “my trip,” and if you want to cancel it, cancel your holding the flight reservation.

What are the terms and conditions of holding an American Airlines flight reservation?

Before holding the flight at American Airlines, it is necessary to pursue its terms and conditions.

  • The hold the reservation option is available for reservations on the American airlines website.
  • The wait option is only available to customers traveling on flights marketed and operated by American Airlines and American Eagle® services operated by Envoy Air Inc., SkyWest Airlines, Inc., or Republic Airline Inc.
  • The hold option is offered on select routes only and is subject to availability.
  • The hold option is only available to all passengers on the same itinerary/booking. There is no option to select only one passenger for the reservation if the reservation includes more than one passenger.
  • Reservation fees are calculated per passenger for all origins and destinations. In addition, Prices for on-hold products are processed immediately.
  • Reservation holding fees are non-refundable and will not be counted towards the ticket price. 
  • Reservations not made before the end of the holding period will be canceled automatically. In addition, Customers can hold time for American Airlines until 11:59 p.m., provided the last day of waiting time in the departure city time zone to cancel or purchase your itinerary.
  • Reservations on hold cannot be changed until the reservation has been purchased. Standard change fee rules apply to changes after purchase.
  • Any itinerary changes after option purchase A reservation would result in the reservation being canceled and a new one made; a ticket will be issued with a new fare.
  • If a customer creates a duplicate reservation for the same flight/itinerary, continue; after you reset the itinerary, the original extended holding fee will be canceled, and the holding fee will not be refunded.
  • While purchasing a ticket, the billing address on the credit card must be in the same country as the billing address on the credit card. Credit card used to purchase Extended Lock.

Can I have to pay to hold an American Airlines flight?

You must pay the additional fare if extending your American Airlines flight hold from 24 hours. And on the other hand, if you are holding the flight, American airlines holds time for 24 hours; there is no requirement to pay the charges for American Airlines to hold the flight. Further, suppose you confront any issue. In that case, call American Airlines phone number 800-433-7300, and the airline's customer service will help you solve all issues you are confronted with while holding your reservation.

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