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Flying To South Korea Made Easy, Must-Know Facts About The Journey  

The Korean wave that started a few years ago is still on and going strong. The number of people flying to South Korea from around the world is astonishing, and if you are planning something along the same line, then there are certain things you must know. The culture, food, infrastructure, music, and art, everything about this country is completely new and refreshing, but how does one reach there in the most affordable way?Not everyone is a millionaire; hence, here are the top 5 questions you must know the answer to plan a safe, cheap, exquisite, and quick flight to South Korea. 

How long is a flight from the US to South Korea?

This is perhaps the most important question about the trip. The USA to South Korea flight will take approximately 13 hours if you travel on a non-stop flight. In case of returning back to the USA, this duration reduces to 11 hours 10 minutes for a non-stop flight. As your number of stops increases, this duration, for both directions, can go over 43+ hours. Therefore selecting a non-top flight would be a good idea. Also, going non-stop can significantly reduce your ticket cost. 

Which airlines fly from the USA to Korea? 

Many flights fly from the USA to South Korea; these include the following with the expected flight type. 

  1. Korean Air- Nonstop
  2. Asian Airlines, Non-stop 
  3. Delta Airline (code-share flights): None-stop, 1-stop
  4. Hawaiian Airlines: 1-stop
  5. United Airlines: 1-stop, 2-stop
  6.  JetBlue Airline: 1-stop
  7. American Airlines: 1-stop, 2-stop
  8. Air Canada: 1-stop
  9. Qatar Airways: 1-stop
  10.  Philippines Airlines: 1-stop
  11. Southwest Airlines: 1-stop
  12. Lufthansa: 1-stop
  13.  Finnair: 2-stop
  14. Singapore Airlines: 2-stop 

Most of the airlines offer direct flights from the US to South Korea, while some only offer flights with stops. The prices for these flights range from $2,100 to $3,00, depending on the route, seat class, and airline. The lowest price you can get is $409 when you book in the cheapest month and make the reservation at the correct time. 

What is the cheapest month to fly to South Korea?

Now comes the next big question, the cheapest month to fly. In this country, March to May mark the peak tourism season. This means a huge influx of tourists, but the booking price only goes down as this peak starts to drop. As per this scheme, to get Cheap flights to South Korea, you need to book the tickets for the month of August. This is the month when you can expect to get tickets for as low as $400. 

The best month to visit South Korea

What would be the best month to visit depends on the tourist, because every country has something to offer each season, now the question is which season would you prefer. 

  • If you prefer the vibrant color of spring and want to watch the landscape in pink petals, then visit between March- May. since this is the peak season, you can expect the cheap USA to South Korea flights, however,
  • lIf you like things on the cooler side of the color palette, then visit in the months of September to November. These months will also yield cheaper tickets. 

Now that you have these important facts with you, you are ready to book the ticket and say hello to South Korean Culture. 

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