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Can I change my flight date on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, the airlines understand the unpredictability of your plans and allow you to make Turkish Airlines change flights. If you have traveled before with Turkish airlines, it's not hidden from you how professional Turkish Airlines are and how possible their services are. The airlines have policies for everything, including the Turkish Airline's change flight date.

What is the Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy?

  1. You can change the Turkish Airlines flight date/route/time. But Turkish Airlines does not allow you to change a domestic route to an international route.
  2. Turkish Airlines will charge change fees depending on the class and whether its a domestic or international flight.
  3. You need to pay 30% of the Turkish airline's flight change fee if you make a change 12 hours before the departure of the flight.
  4. If you want to make changes to the Turkish Airlines flight date for free, then do it within 24 hours of booking, but the booking must be made seven days before flight departure.
  5. When you have the non-refundable fares, you cannot make any changes, but if you have to change them, you can request the customer service it is on their description.

How do I change my flight with Turkish Airlines?

STEP 1: Visit or dial +1 888 675 7794(Turkish airlines change flight phone number)

STEP 2: Click on “My Trips”.

STEP 3: Enter the reservation code and the passenger's last name.

STEP 4: Next, from the dashboard select a Turkish flight ticket to make changes.

STEP 5: Choose the option “Change flight”

STEP 6: Enter a new date or route or new flight.

STEP 7: Redirect to the payment option and pay Turkish airlines to change the fee.

You will receive a new Turkish flight ticket on your registered email and a notification on your phone number.

How much does it cost to change a flight on Turkish Airlines?

The penalty is not applied if the scheduled flight is more than 12 hours, you can make change in flight date for free, But if the scheduled flight is less time than 12 hours passengers need to pay TRY 500 as a change flight penalty. You can't make a change in your ticket for TRNC-Ercan flights with less than 1 hour remaining before departure.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on "Change flight on Turkish Airlines":

Can we change the flight date after booking Turkish Airlines?

Yes, passengers can change flight tickets on Turkish airlines whenever they want, but follow the change flight policy.

Can I reschedule my Turkish Airlines flight?

Yes, you can reschedule your Turkish Airline flight. And for that, you may get entitled according to the policy, which has been displayed beneath. If there is anything complicated or hard to get, you can use the Turkish Airlines phone number and get an answer.

  • If you have to reschedule your flight within 24 hours of booking without paying additional fees.
  • But the changes that are made after the expiration of the risk-free time then get to pay the penalty.
  • You can change your reservation for free if your flight is delayed by four hours or more.
  • If your original flight is canceled and the airline arranges your booking in the flight but doesn't wish to travel with that, you can also change without paying anything.
  • You get to approach them when you have made the reservation through the travel agent and rescheduled.

Can I change my flight date online Turkish Airlines?

Yes, the date of your flight can be changed online in Turkish Airlines.

  • Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • And then click on the manage booking. 
  • Now, you get to enter the ticket number with the surname of the passenger
  • After that, click on the date option
  • And choose your new date and click on the continue option
  • Later on, make the payment and click on finish cion 
  • You can get a confirmation message via email and phone when you have completed the process.

What number do I call to change my flight with Turkish Airlines?

On Turkish Airlines, if you have to change your flight, you can call customer service on their official number or get to the airline website. And the Turkish Airlines phone number, +1 888 675 7794, follow up with the IVR options to make changes.

Can I change flights without extra cost Turkish Airlines?

If you change a flight with Turkish Airlines before 12 hours of the scheduled time then the penalty is not applied but changes are done when there is less time than 12 hours in the scheduled flight, a change flight fee or penalty of TRY 500 is applied.

Can I change a Turkish airline ticket through their website if it is booked through an online travel agency?

Yes, you can change Turkish Airlines flight tickets on their website even if you have booked through an online travel agency or(dial +1 888 675 7794). You must have either the ticket number or reservation code (PNR) to access Turkish Airlines change flight services. Go to the Turkish Airlines website, click on Manage Bookings, and search for your flight using the ticket number and passenger’s last name. Then click on the flight change, make and make the necessary changes.

Are Turkish Airlines tickets changeable?

Yes, passengers can change their Turkish Airlines ticket up to 1 hour before the flight ticket by paying the change fee and fare difference. The flight change policies depend on the ticket type and itinerary, so make sure to read the details on your ticket and accordingly change the flight tickets. Some flight tickets are changeable while others are not like passengers can’t make any changes to a non-refundable ticket. If your itinerary allows changes, then the tickets can be changed online, over the phone, and at the airline’s airport sales office.

How do I change my flight details on Turkish Airlines?

If your plans have changed, but your tickets at Turkish Airlines are already booked, then you can benefit from Turkish Airlines reschedule flight services available through Manage bookings. Travelers are allowed to change the flight date, time, name on the ticket, etc., by paying the change fees. The changes can be made online through the Turkish Airlines website or via phone at the Turkish Airlines customer service office. 

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