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A Guide on How to cancel Vistara flight reservations:

What is Vistara's cancellation policy? 

Vistara is a Delhi, India-based airline with its main hub at IGI Airport. It is an international air carrier with over 100 destinations flying on domestic and international routes. For the booking you hold with Vistara, if there is any issue and you are looking forward to making the cancellation of the ticket. In order to get through with the cancellation process of the booking, you must read through the information given about  Vistara 24 hour cancellation policy or any other policy for the booking’s cancellation. You can go through the policies, which are explained below. 

1. Vistara Same-Day Cancellation Policy:- You can get to cancel the booking you possess through the online process or at the airport on the day of departure. Go through the given process and avail of the refund upon cancellation from them. Using the said process, the cancellation can help you with a refund only if the booking is a premium or elite reservation. 

2. Vistara cancellation policy from the airlines’ end: For the situation when the airline cancels the booking, you can get a complete refund from the airline. The reservation you possess may it be a premium booking or an elite class reservation, you ought to get a refund from the airline. 

3. Vistara 24-hour cancellation: If the booking you have made at least seven days or more prior to the booking, then a Vistara 24-hour cancellation policy shall be applicable, and you can get a refund by canceling the booking within 24 hours of the purchase. After the risk-free umbrella is closed, you will have to pay cancellation charges for the booking to be canceled. This policy is applicable to tickets irrespective of fare rules of the booking.

4. Vistara cancellation for a medical emergency: The booking you have can be canceled if there is any medical emergency or the death of a close relative. In this case, upon cancellation, you will have to mention the reason, and while requesting the refund you must provide valid and necessary documents. You can get a complete refund.  

How do I cancel the Vistara flight ticket Online? 

You can cancel Vistara flight booking online through its website or dial +91-124-4736181/1-806-256-8457(USA) to contact a Vistara executive for the cancellation procedure. Here find below the steps to cancel your Vistara flight ticket:

  • Go to Vistara air official website or call +91-124-4736181 or 806-256-8457(Vistara cancellation phone number)
  • Click on the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • Enter the booking number and passenger's last name to access the dashboard.
  • Now, select the flight ticket you want to cancel.
  • Opt or click the option “Cancel Flight” and enter a reason for cancellation.
  • Confirm the process with assistance from on-screen instructions. 
  • On getting completed with the process, you shall receive a confirmation from the airline to the registered email you have with Vistara. 

What is the cancellation time limit in Vistara?

The booking you possess if, due to some emergency, your travel plans are being canceled, then you must get to cancel the booking at least 2 hours prior to the departure time. Get through the cancellation process and cancel the ticket so that you can avail of the refund. However, if the reservation is economy class, then you shall have to pay the Vistara ticket cancellation charges, and you won't even get a refund of the same.  But if the booking is in an elite class, you shall get a refund upon cancellation just before 2 hours. 

How much does Vistara charge for cancellation?

For a ticket being canceled, there is a compulsion add-on with it, which is the Vistara cancellation charges international or domestic. The charges on the airline are different on every flight. You can get the airline’s help for the knowledge of the charges. However, it mainly depends on different factors such as the route of the flight, type of journey, fare type of the purchased ticket, fare rules to which you have agreed while making the booking, time at which you are canceling, the reason for cancellation, and many more. The costs given below are the overall cancellation fee: 

  • Economy Lite: The complete ticket cost is charged as the cancellation or INR 3500, whichever is the lowest. Applicable after 24 hours of ticketing time. 
  • Economy Standard: Within 2 to 24 hours of the ticket, INR 3500 is the cancellation charge, and INR 3000 if the booking has crossed 24 hours. 
  • Economy Flexi: Cancellation up to 72 hours of the booking is free, and after that, charges are applicable as decided by the airline. 
  • Elite and business class bookings are nonchargeable for cancellation.  

What are Vistara booking cancellation rules for COVID-19?

There are different policies applicable to the cancellation of Vistara flights due to COVID-19. The guidelines are: 

  • Tickets booked can be canceled up to 2 hours prior to the departure and shall not cost a cancellation fee. 
  • A change request can also be requested to the airline, after which you will not have to pay the fee for the change. 
  • If the airline cancels a flight and fails to provide an alternate within 3 hours, you can get a complete refund and compensation along with it. 
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