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Know: Philippine Airlines(PAL) Change Flight Policy

Traveling with an airline has been made more relaxing and rejuvenating for the passengers by the Philippine Airlines for all the long and short-haul flights they take. There can arise situations when the passengers would want a flight date change. In such instances, they would be faced with the question of how to  change their Philippine Airlines flight date, the details of which are given here as follows:

Methods used to Change flight date on Philippine Airlines(PAL):

Philippine Airlines' Change Flight Rules:

The passengers who wish to apply for a flight change with the airline need to adhere to the Philippine Airlines change flight policy that has been formulated by the airlines as part of the guidelines that they follow. The details of the policy are given here as follows:

  • Passengers who have serious medical conditions and issues not allowing them to travel freely or passengers who had a recent death in their family are entitled to make a change in their flight date with no additional fee charged for the change made. The condition, however, is to provide the authorized documentation for the condition explained as part of the proof of verification by the airline.
  • The airline gives a 24-hour flight change policy under which the passenger can make the change in their flight within 24 hours of the reservation being made at no extra cost.
  • The elite class booking made with the airline has the flexibility to change their flight until 3 to 4 hours before the scheduled departure at no extra fee added.
  • Delays and cancellations of the flight due to the airline's fault are subject to the availability of flight change for the passenger, where they can make the change without any hassle. 

Procedures to Change Philippines Airlines:

Passengers traveling with Philippines Airlines can make changes in their flight dates through diversified modes that have been discussed below:

Online Steps to Change Philippines Airlines:

It is one of the most convenient modes of making necessary flight date changes with the airline. The simple steps that can be followed by the passengers to initiate the change in flight date are given here:

  • Go to the official website of Philippines Airlines.
  • Click on the "Manage Booking" tab.
  • Enter the details of the Booking Reference and the Last Name of the passenger to retrieve the booking they made.
  • Click on the "Change flight" tab to reschedule the date/time of the PAL flight.
  • Find the change flight date option from the menu list and click on it.
  • Make the final submission to receive the confirmation mail.

Connect to Philippines Airlines by phone;

To reschedule a Philipines Airlines flight date/time dial PAL change flight phone number 1-800-435-9725 or 806-256-8457, where they would get connected with the agent from the airline for the required assistance. The passengers just need to follow through with the instructions being given so as to make the change successfully. 

Note: The passenger is allowed to make same-day PAL flight changes under the specified time limit mentioned by the airline through the portal or simply place a call with the agent from the airline. 

Does it cost to change the Philippine Airlines flight?

The Philippine Airlines(PAL) changes flight fees depending on various factors like the type of ticket purchased, fare type, destinations covered, and distance traveled. The fee charged thus usually ranges between 0 USD to 150 USD

The passenger would now have a fair idea of the flight change policy with the airline with specific details on the possibility of Philippine Airlines same-day flight change under rules that direct the policy process with the airline.

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