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Learn to make a change on Air NZ flight reservations:

Traveling has been observed to be an unstable event that can be changed after confirmation. Moreover, if you have a reservation with Air New Zealand and your plan gets changed, then by learning about Air New Zealand's change flight rule, you can make changes in your original booking. Thus the flight change policy is as follows:-

What is Air New Zealand's change flight policy?

  1. You can change your Air NZ flight within 24 hours of departure when your booking has been conducted seven days before departure. And you will not have to pay the change fee.
  2. If you change Air NZ flight after 24 hours of booking, then you need to pay change flight fees.
  3. If your Air NZ flight is delayed by three hours or more, you can switch to the next available flight without paying any additional fee.
  4. You will not have to pay Air New Zealand change flight fees when you have purchased the flex change fare.
  5. You get to change your flight for free if your departure date is before 31st August 2022. And this condition is applicable for domestic as well as international destinations. But you will have to pay the fare difference.
  6. If you have a medical emergency or sickness, then you dint have to pay the change fee.
  7. When you book through the travel agent, you might not be able to make changes from the airline. For this, you have to speak with them.

How do I change flight with Air NZ?

If you wish to change an Air NZ flight, then you can make modifications through the official website of the airline or by dialing airlines phone number.

Steps to call to change Air NZ flight:

To change the flight on Air New Zealand, dial 1(800) 262-1234 or  +1 802 200 9500 /+64 98 896 565 and then follow to change the Air NZ flight date,

  • Tap1 to select language.
  • Tap 2 for booking.
  • Tap 6 for the flight change.
  • Tap 8 for baggage inquiry.
  • Tap 0 to speak with customer service.

Steps to change Air NZ flight through the Official website:

  • Open the official website of Air New Zealand or dial +64 98 896 565(NZ)/1 802 200 9500 (USA and Canada)
  • Click on “My Trips”
  • After this, type the booking reference number with the daily name, and click on the continue icon.
  • From the dashboard, choose the Air NZ ticket for change.
  • Enter new flight details to make changes and submit
  • Further, you will get to the payment tab and pay the change fee with the fare difference.
  • And when the process is completed, you will receive a message with your email id and phone number.

How much does it cost to change a flight on Air New Zealand?

When you are going for the flight change, you might be thinking about the Air New Zealand change flight fees. Moreover, the airline does not always charge the flight change fee if you make a change within 24 hours of booking. And the changes made after that will rely on the class you are traveling to, such as in business class, you might have to pay around $100 for the adult and child but in you have the infant traveler, then you will not have to pay this amount. Apart from this, the other class might have to pay around $100 to $300.

Hence, when you go through there, you might have the answer for the Air New Zealand change flight policy, procedure, and cost for the flight change. But when you find another question or doubt, garb aid from the customer service team.

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