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How can you change your flight on Breeze? 

Passengers often find themselves amidst circumstances where the need to change their scheduled flight gets imminent and undeniable. Airlines acknowledge the demands of allowing flight changes with a load of their consumer's hard-earned money already spent on the reservations. Breeze Airways also has such Breeze Airways change flight facility and has made multiple ways to change a flight possible. One can keep on exploring the further listed details to understand how to do so.

What is Breeze Airways' change flight policy?

  1. Any flight change would be free of any flight change charges if the flight is changed within 24 hours of the booking. The flight must have been booked at least a week before the flight departure to do so.
  2. One will have to pay the difference in fares if the new flight is costlier than the current one to confirm the flight change. Others will have to pay the flight change fee.

How can I change my Breeze Airways flight?

Passengers can change flights by visiting Breeze airway's official website or dialing +1-802-200-9500(Breeze airways flight phone number). One can also use the Breeze airways app to make changes in flight.

Online Steps to change Breeze Airways flight:

  1. Login to or dial +1-802-200-9500.
  2. Click on “My Trips”.
  3. Enter the booking number or passenger's last name.
  4. Select a flight ticket to make a change.
  5. Next, select the option “Change flight”.
  6. Then, enter the new flight dates/ destinations or times and submit.

An email will signify a successful flight change, and the new flight details will be enclosed within this email.

Change Breeze airways change flights via the app:

Breeze mobile app has a layout that is similar to the airline's website, and this application can also be used to change a booked reservation. One can download this from their mobile's app store and then sign in with a Breeze account to get to the application's home screen. One can locate the "My trips" option and change their flight as needed.

Change Breeze Airways flight via Phone:

  1. Dial Breeze Airways Change phone number at +1 802 200 9500.
  2. One can also text, email, or use Facebook messenger to connect with a Breeze agent.
  3. These options are to be found by clicking on the "Support" option at the top of the Breeze homepage.
  4. One can thus connect to a Breeze representative and ask for assistance to get their flight changed.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Breeze airways?

Breeze Airways generally charges a flight change fee, ranging from $75 to $150, which could go well beyond this depending upon the flight route, destination, ticket type, and fare type.

Thus anyone looking for a Breeze flight change can do so within the 24 hours cushion period for the best benefits since Breeze airways change flight fees is not applicable. At other times, one may have to pay both the charges and the flight fare difference. 

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