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Is Delta allowed to change my flight?

As per the Delta flight change policy, all the passengers affected by the flight delays or route change of flight on behalf of Delta airlines can choose to fly with another flight. Passengers must remember that the origin-destination and travel date must remain the same for the new flight you request from Delta airlines. Suppose the new flight requested by you is not available within 90 minutes of your previous flight's original scheduled departure time. In that case, you can request the refund along with the compensation from Delta airlines as per the Delta flight change policy stated on the official website. However, if the passengers are changing the flight, then there are certain rules and conditions attached to it, which are highlighted down below for reference: 

What is Delta Change flight Policy?

  1. If passengers change flight with Delta Airlines within 24 hours of booking, then you no need to pay any change fee.
  2. If a passenger fails to change flight in Delta Airlines within the 24-hour risk-free flight change policy of Delta airlines, they have to pay the penalty charged by airline officials on their ticket.
  3. The flight change fee of your Delta Airlines depends on the time left in departure, ticket type, ticket condition, and cabin. 
  4. All the flight changes regarding your Delta airline ticket are subject to availability with the airlines.
  5. Passengers are free to make changes like date change, name change, time change, seat change, cabin change, and route change in their existing itinerary of Delta airlines.  
  6. In changing your seat with Delta airlines, one must always remember that they can only upgrade their seat from lower cabin to upper cabin and cannot degrade their class.
  7. If you change the flight and the new flight fare amount exceeds the original amount, you have to pay the remaining value to Delta airlines to get new tickets. 
  8. No flight changes are allowed once your flight has been departed from the original destination. 
  9. If the flight fare amount of your new ticket is lower than the original flight booking amount, then Delta airlines will transfer the remaining value back to your original payment mode.

Hence this was all the information regarding how a person can change flight with Delta airlines and the terms and conditions applied by Delta airlines to change your flight.

How do I change my flight on Delta?

Here’s how you can change a flight on Delta:

  1. You need to visit or dial +1 406 902 1212.
  2. Click on the option “My Trips.”
  3. Enter details like flight reservation number and passenger's last name to retrieve the information regarding your flight.
  4. Choose the option “Change Flightfor a Delta flight ticket.
  5. Now make changes in your flight booking and “Submit”.
  6. Finally, it will redirect to the payment page.
  7. Pay the change fee if applicable or “Submit”. 

So this was one of the ways you can change your Delta Airlines flight with a new date, name, time, cabin, or seat. At the same time, you can connect with the executive at Delta flight change number, which is available on the official website and requests them to change your flight details.

How long do I have to change my flight on Delta?

All the passengers can change their flight with Delta airlines at no extra cost within the same day of booking as per the policy. Delta airlines passengers have the flexibility to make all the necessary changes in their flight itinerary before 24 hours of scheduled departure time. Passengers can make all the changes through the official website from my trip section of Delta airlines. A nominal fee as per the eligibility criteria of your ticket generated by Delta airlines is applied on the booking that does not fall under the 24-hour risk-free flight change policy. 

Can I change a Delta flight booked with miles?

Yes, Passengers can change Delta flights booked using sky miles. All the award tickets are eligible for the modification at USD 150 onwards change fee applicable as per the ticket condition. You can change your flight itinerary book with miles at least before 72 hours of scheduled departure time.

Here is how you can change a Delta flight booked with miles point.:

  1. Log in to the official website of Delta airlines.
  2. Go to the “Sky Miles” tab.
  3. Log in to your Sky Miles member account by providing login credentials.
  4. Select the flight that needs to be changed and click on “Change flight”.
  5. Select “New flight“ or make necessary changes.

Finally, you will get a booking confirmation with the updated ticket in your email. However, if this process does not work, you can contact Delta airlines customer service and ask them to change your flight booking.

What is the change fee for Delta flights?

Delta airlines do not charge any fee on the flight bookings that are changed on the same day of booking as per the 24 hours is free flight change policy of the airlines. The Delta change flight fees of USD 0 to USD 500 are applied on the non-refundable reservation of Delta airlines and the fare difference amount. The change fee is calculated based on your ticket condition in such a case. 

What number do I call to change my flight on Delta?

To make a change in your Delta flight dial Delta airline's change flight number 800-221-1212. or +1 406 902 1212

phone3 +1 406 902 1212
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