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What is Air Canada's name correction policy?

Passengers often make typing mistakes while booking their flights at Air Canada. It can be easily corrected through their website. But you must read the Air Canada Name correction policy mentioned below before proceeding to see the rules of the procedure applicable to your current situation.

  • According to the policy, you can make corrections to your Name on an Air Canada flight ticket if you have booked it through their website/mobile app, call centers, or ticket offices.
  • If you have booked it through a travel agency/ third party, you must contact the same to correct it.
  • Air Canada name correction is considered a re-issuance, so you will be required to pay the appropriate charges plus the fare difference.
  • If you want to change the Name on your Air Canada flight within 24 hours of reservation, it is better to cancel it and rebook it with the correct Name to avoid the name correction charges.
  • Passengers can correct their names in up to three letters in their First, middle, or last Name.
  • You are allowed to change your Last Name under certain legal conditions of the airline.
  • Minor corrections are allowed to date of birth and gender due to the errors made while booking the flight.
  • While requesting a name change at Air Canada, no changes will be permitted to the flight date, time, arrival, and destination.

How can I change my Name on an Air Canada flight ticket?

You can change names on Air Canada flight tickets online to save time standing in a queue at the customer service desk. It is also efficient as you can do it anywhere using your phone or laptop in the manner stated below.

  • Open the website or dial +1 806 256 8457.
  • Hit the My Bookings option at the top of the Menu Bar.
  • Enter your Booking reference/ Ticket number and Last Name to access the Booking details.
  • Mark the flight in which you want to initiate the name correction process.
  • Now you are required to click the Name Correction Tab on the following page and enter the correct Name as per your passport or government-issued id proof and attach a supportive document.
  • Now you will be deflected to the payments page, pay the appropriate fees online, and the process is complete.
  • They will drop a confirmation message instantly to your registered email address.

Can I call Air Canada to change my name on their flight ticket?

Yes, calling is a possibility to do so. You are only required to call the Air Canada Name change contact number at 1 (888) 247-2262 and share your booking details, like ticket number, Name, etc., with the representative. Spell your correct Name and pay the required fees through IVR mode, and they will change the Name after verifying your details. You will receive an endorsement email confirming the same.

How much does it cost to change the Name on an Air Canada ticket?

The accurate amount depends on the flight route you have booked. However, you are required to pay Air Canada name correction fees of approximately USD 200 plus taxes if you want to make minor spelling corrections to your Name, made while booking the flight.

Frequently Asked Questions on Air Canada Name Correction Policy:

1. Does Air Canada Allow name changes on International tickets?

Air Canada allows name changes to International tickets but with proper documentation. You are required to submit the original proof of Identification to validate the name change process. You can only change the Name on an Air Canada International ticket by calling their customer service numbers.

2. Can I change the Full Name on my Air Canada Flight ticket?

No, you are not permitted to change the Full Name on an Air Canada Flight ticket, as it will be considered a change in Ownership. If you want to change the Ownership of the flight ticket, you have to cancel the ticket, claim a refund and book the same itinerary for the other passenger.

3. What documents are required for the name change on an Air Canada ticket?

You must send the documents listed below to their official email address if you want to make corrections to your Name on an Air Canada Ticket.

  • Application Form requesting the Name change.
  • A copy of the old ticket from which the Name requires to be corrected along with the ticket number.
  • Passenger's New Name with a supportive document.
  • Legal necessary documents such as Marriage or Divorce papers and other supporting documents to verify the request.

4. How quickly does Air Canada process the name correction on the flight booking?

Air Canada will process the request to change the Name on their flight ticket within 24 hours of placing the request. Passengers can request a name change 2 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.

5. Is it possible to change the middle Name on an Air Canada flight?

You are permitted to change the First, Middle, and Last Name on an Air Canada flight by up to three characters by providing the supporting documents through the Manage Booking section of their website or by calling the Air Canada customer service number.

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