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How can I correct my spelling mistake on Air India flight ticket?

Mistakes in the spelling of the name or come common mistakes are very likely to occur. If by any chance the name of the passenger has been typed the wrong by chance and if there is a mistake in the name of the passenger, then you can get to contact the airline and avail of help as per need so that you can make changes to the booking you hold with the passenger’s name. You can read through the information given in the content below, which shall help you make the required changes and then confirm the requirements with the airline. 

How to change the passenger’s name on an Air India ticket? 

You can easily change or correct of passenger name on an Air India ticket through the official website or dial 1 (888) 634-1407 or 1 (806) 256-8457 to get assistance on name correction on Air India flight tickets. Check here the steps to change the name on an Air India flight ticket.

  1. Visit Air Indoia’s official website, 
  2. Click on the Manage booking option.
  3. Enter the last name and the reservation number of the passenger to get access of the dashboard.
  4. Tap on the change option from the menu list, and then from the drop-down, choose the name change option. 
  5. Make the changes as per need and then confirm after reviewing the changes you have made. Then, if required, make the payment and then confirm the changes you are making. 
  6. Once done and confirmed by the airlines, you will get a confirmation email from them for the changes you have made to the name of the passenger. 

What changes can be made to the name of the passenger on Air India ticket? 

For an air india ticket name misspelled, you can make changes to the name. With a misspelled name or a mismatch in the passenger’s name shall not let you board the flight and complete the trip. Thus, you must change the name, and hence the changes that are allowed on the ticket are as follows: 

  • Middle name expansion is allowed. 
  • Surname change due to marriage or divorce is allowed. 
  • Minor spelling corrections are allowed. 
  • Initials can be added to the passenger’s name for free. 

What is the Air India name change policy?

For completing a trip at ease, if by mistake the name of the passenger gets wrong, then you can go through the given Air India name correction policy, which shall help you ease out help you know if you can make any changes to the booking. The policies you must go through are listed as follows: 

  • A complete name change of the flight ticket is not allowed. Only a few modifications can be made. 
  • Changes to the booking for over three characters shall cost additional fees, whereas, within three characters, you will not have to pay any additional fee. 
  • Changes to the passenger's name must be done at least 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight. 
  • Government-authorized documents are a necessity for the changes to the name of the passenger. 

How much does it cost to change the name on an Air India ticket? 

For the changes you want to make, you just need to pay the Air India name correction fees so that the changes you are trying to make can be confirmed and you can successfully make the required changes. The name change penalty is as follows:

  • If the change is more than three characters, then the cost for it can range between $50 to $150. 
  • If changes to the booking are being made, such as the expansion of middle name, the addition of last name, or first name can be done without penalty. 

If there is any such query for the booking you have, then you can contact the airline and avail of help from the issue, or you can also visit the official website for the help you want. 

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