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Can you change flights on Southwest?

Yes, you can change your flight. Southwest gives you many options according to your convenience. Southwest change flight does not impact schedule timings as they are flexible enough to give you a comfortable journey. Managing your travel journey with Southwest is easy, and it will not impact your schedule. It will allow you to change the time, date, name, etc., according to their policies.

How can I change my reservation on Southwest Airlines?

Step 1: Login to or dial +1 839 777 9792(OTA)

Step 2: Enter your booking number or passenger's name.

Step 3: Select Southwest flight ticket to make changes.

Step 4: Now choose the option to “Change flight”.

Step 5: Select a new date, new flight, or destination and “Submit”.

Step 6: Now pay the Southwest Airlines “Change flight fee”( If applicable).

Step 7: Now download the new Southwest flight ticket you received on your email.

How much is the change flight fee of Southwest Airlines?

Usually, Southwest does not deduct money for any changes if you do it 14 days before the flight's departure.  But if it's not, South Airlines' change fee is  25$ to 150$ per person per one-way flight, depending on when you make changes or the new destination you selected. Otherwise, if you make changes through the reservation center or update their ticket desk, fees will be 70$ per person per one-way flight.

Can you change the Southwest flight same day?

Southwest allows changing flights on the same day. Passengers can make changes at their convenience, all they need to do is to follow Southwest change flight policy to avoid unnecessary fees.. They also allow alternating between the routes. E.g., California to New York into New York to California.  

Can you change your Southwest flight free of charge?

The policy of Southwest Airlines gives you a chance to change your time and date without charging an extra fee. If you have been affected by any plan change due to personal issues, the changes can happen within 14 days from your booking date with Southwest Airlines. So, you are eligible for Southwest's free change policy where the airline will not deduct any Southwest change flight fee. You may change your name as well, according to southwest airlines.

How late can I change my Southwest flight?

Last-time changes can affect your journey and ruin your plans somehow; these changes may also affect your future traveling. Sometimes destination planning gets disturbed, which affects you mentally and financially. In that case, the airline understands your emotions, and they give you the freedom to change your schedule in some conditions given below:

  • You can change Southwest Airlines flight if your ticket booking happens 2.5 hours before the flight's departure.
  • Changing your name can be done up to 2 hours before your flight departs.

After all, if you have any further queries that leave you in doubt, you may contact Southwest to change your flight phone number. They will give their best to solve your problem. These customer care executives are professional enough to understand your query and resolve it. They make it easy to understand so that any commoner can relate to it. This number is toll-free and risk-free as it gets recorded for future reference. These phone lines are not busy if you call on them multiple times. These calls are fast enough to get your query within a few minutes and solve it hand to hand. Southwest gives vast services to its clients all over the world. Their services are hassle-free so there will be ease in using those services. Making services reach out to every Southwest Airlines customer is the first priority.

Can you change flights the day of on Southwest?

Yes, you can change your Southwest Airlines flight on the same day of flying so, if you have some work and want to change my flight day with Southwest. So, by online and phone call method, you can easily change your flight with Southwest Airlines on the same day of departing the flight. However, you must pay $29 or more for domestic and international flight changes. So, by paying the flight change penalty, you can easily modify with Southwest Airlines.

Is it possible to change my Southwest flight without paying the difference?

Yes, you can change your Southwest flight without paying any difference. For this, you have to change your Southwest Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking. Because according to the Southwest Airlines flight change policy, a passenger can Change Southwest flight without fee, when they change their flight within the airline's given period. In addition, you can also change your Southwest flight when you have insurance with Southwest flight. However, when you have insurance, you don’t need to pay the penalty for the flight change whenever you are doing. 

Can I call Southwest to change my flight?

Yes, you can call on Southwest to change the flight phone number 1-800-I-FLY-SWA/ 839 777 9792 to change your Southwest flight ticket, and then follow the IVR method.

  • Press 1 for booking with Southwest
  • Press 2 for canceling the flight tickets
  • To get a refund from Southwest Airlines, press 3
  • Press 4 to know the flight travel status
  • Press 7 to flight change with Southwest Airlines

Thus, after changes are done to the Southwest flight ticket, you will receive a notification on your registered email or phone number.

Can I change the Southwest Airlines flight through the online method?

Yes, you can modify your Southwest Airlines flight by online method. For this, you must follow the steps of flight changing promptly:

  • Launch the Southwest browser on your search engine 
  • Then, look for manage my booking or my trip column on the homepage
  • Fill out the booking number and last name on the column that is present there
  • Search for the Southwest flight from which you made a reservation 
  • Edit all the settings of the Southwest Airlines
  • Modify the flight changes and save it
  • Pay the charges for the Southwest flight change

After that, the airlines will share the confirmation for this on your phone. In addition, if you want to know more, connect with the live person of Southwest Airlines.

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