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What is Japan Airlines' change flight policy?

Suppose you have already purchased the flight ticket and want to edit the changes as per the current requirement. So the Airline follows a few rules and regulations under Japan Airlines' change flight policy, which every customer must know to avoid any inconvenience or extra charges.

  • If the customer fails to update the changes in the booked itinerary before the scheduled flight departure, then the booking may not be changed. This applies to passengers who own the tickets, which allows changes. Only a refund is possible in such scenarios.
  • You are not allowed to change the passenger information, such as name change on the itinerary is not permitted. 
  • If the customer needs to change the traveler details, you must cancel the entire booking and make a new purchase by entering the correct information.
  • According to Japan Airlines' change flight policy, FLEX, JAL CARD FLEX, Business Flex, and Remote Island Flex are permitted for change.
  • Passengers cannot change fares types like Saver, Special Saver, Round Trip Saver, Promotion, Sky Mate Fare, or Senior Citizen Fare.
  • If there is any difference, an amount will appear while making changes that must be settled before the scheduled departure.
  • Japan Airlines upgrade seats available for Skymet Fare and Senior Citizen Fare with an additional charge if seats are available.

How to change the Japan Airlines flight date?

  • Visit Japan Airlines' official website or dial 1800-525-3663 or 1806 256-8457.
  • Click on "Manage booking" which is available on the headboard of the homepage.
  • Enter the booking details, such as the Booking number and last name of the flight ticket.
  • The complete booking will display on the screen; confirm it.
  • Select the option "Change flight" and click on it.
  • Edit the essential changes and pay the difference amount if there are any.
  • The confirmation will be sent to the valid email.

How to call Japan Airlines to change flights?

The passenger cannot make the necessary changes in existing reservations online or wants to make last-minute changes. Reaching the customer service agent on call for Japan Airlines Change flight dates and other modifications would be great. Travelers can contact J 1800-525-3663/ 806 256 8457, which serves 24 hours to assist the customers. You should update the changes up to 24-72 hours after the departure. The process will take some time to link the call with the agent and share the required changes. The confirmation will be sent over a valid email address.

How late can I change flights on Japan Airlines?

Passengers are allowed to make the online changes before the travel commences until 72 hours, and after travel begins, the modification is available 24 hours before the scheduled departure. If the customer wants a last-minute upgrade in the booked flight ticket, it would be great to reach the airport's customer service help desk Assistant.

How many times can I change Japan's flight date?

The Airline does not specify any limit on the number of times Japan Airlines Change flight date or any other changes within the specific period for domestic flights. But customers should remember that the Airline will impose applicable change fees and fare conditions for international flights. You should review the fare rules first to learn about the charges for multiple changes.

How much does it cost to change flights with Japan Airlines? 

The charges for Japan Airlines change flight fees may differ depending on the route and fare purchase. To know more about the fee, read the given information:

  • Fare Type - Economy Semi-Flex, Economy Semi-Flex Upgradable, and Economy Flex travelers can update the changes for free within the specified period before the scheduled departure. After that, the passenger needs to pay $50-$100 as a change fee.
  • On the same days of departure - Economy Special, Standard, Flex, Flex Semi Upgradable- the Airline will charge the change fee of nearly 100-150 USD.
  • Economy Flex passengers can make the needed changes in the booked itinerary for free unlimited times within the given time period to avoid last-minute inconvenience.
  • Customers should pay the difference amount whenever they request changes if there are any.
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