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How can I change my TUI booking online?

TUI follows a flexible change or cancels policy as they understand plans are meant to be changed or withdrawn. Suppose you have a reservation with TUI and want to change the booked itinerary due to a plan change or other valid reason. Passengers can visit the Airline's official website for TUI, change my booking, kindly scroll down the page and click on Manage my booking on the homepage. First, you need to enter the booking details and tap on Change the itinerary, where you will see options like name correction, travel date, or time. Kindly choose the preferred option and pay for any difference amount, and the customer will receive the confirmation over the correct email.

What is the TUI flight change policy?

The Airline has a few terms and conditions for TUI to change my booking, which travelers must know before making the required changes to an existing reservation. Here are some essential points which are discussed here.

  • Passengers who want to change their reservation can make the required changes 29 days before the Scheduled departure.
  • The Airline allows you to change the itinerary within 24 hours of booking without any penalty charges.
  • A person can modify the name correction on the current booking, only three characters can be changed, and customers cannot transfer the full title to another person.
  • Travelers can also change the date or destination of the Scheduled flight, but you need to pay the difference to get the confirmation code for the booking.
  • The penalty will be charged to apply the changes on the same day of travel or before 24 hours of the departure for domestic and International flights.

Steps to Change TUI flight online

Once you book the reservation for a particular destination and check the details after purchasing, you will unknowingly see that you have entered the wrong date. So passengers are looking for a solution to fix TUI change flight date. You can easily change the required details using the managed booking, which is available on the official website. Customers should follow the necessary steps, which are explained here.

  • Visit TUI official website or app and login.
  • Kindly click on manage my trip and choose the change flight details option.
  • It will require booking details like PNR number or last name on the booked itinerary.
  • The screen will display the booking details, and select the change name, date, or time option.
  • Once you update the required changes and pay for the difference amount, you will receive the confirmation over a valid email.

How can I call TUI to change flights?

Suppose you cannot upgrade the required changes online, so the Airline gives an alternative option to contact the customer service representative. You can call them and ask for TUI to change my booking and update the necessary changes in the existing reservation. 

  • Dial the TUI Airlines support team contact number.
  • You should hear IVR instructions carefully; kindly press 1 for language selection.
  • Press 2 to book the new itinerary.
  • Press 3 to change or cancel the reservation.
  • Press # to hear the IVR again.

When a customer presses 3 to change the booking details, they will get connected with the TUI service team member. The team member will ask for the booking details TUI manage my booking; they will update the new Change and proceed to the final step, where travelers must pay the penalty or any difference amount to complete the edit. You will receive the unique confirmation code on a valid email address.

How much does it cost to change to a TUI flight?

The charges for Change may vary according to requirements such as name correction, date change, airport, or time of the reserved flight. Some of the essential details for TUI Change flight fees are discussed here.

  • If you want to modify the name on the booked itinerary, then the Airline will charge $30 per person.
  • For changing flight date, time, and airport before 29 days, the charges will be 70% of the original fare.
  • For passengers who make changes before 28-15 days of the departure flight, the penalty will cost around 90% of the fare and 100% before 14 days or the same day.

Can I change the TUI flight booking for free?

Travelers can easily change the required details in the booked itinerary, for which usually the Airline charges a penalty to upgrade the necessary modifications. If you want to avoid TUI Change flight fees, making the changes before 28 days of departure will be better.

How do I change to a TUI flight on the same day?

TUI suggest their travelers modify the reservation four days before departure. Else. If you need to change the itinerary on the same day, you can use the manage my booking or call the support team.

How long will it take to change flights with TUI?

It depends on what you have changed, such as  TUI change flight date,  name correction, airport, and time. Generally, it will take around 5 to 8 hours to update the booked itinerary.

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