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How do I check my Etihad flight status?

Etihad Airways provide the best services to their passengers to travel and make their journey memorable. They offer various services like easy booking procedures, multiple seats, easy cancellation or refunds, checking flight status, priority check-in, and much more. Most of the customers often look for ways to check Etihad flight status before the flight departure. To know more about the Etihad flight status, you need to make the Etihad airways booking first and, after that, check the current status of your booking with Etihad to avoid any last-minute hassles. You can reserve your flight ticket through the Etihad booking section at their website, through the mobile app, or reach the help team of Etihad airways and get your flight ticket to confirm.

Modes to check your Etihad airways flight status:

Etihad provides you with several ways to check Etihad flight status, and the following is detailed information about all the modes from which you can choose your preferred method.

Check Etihad flight status online:

If you want to check the arrival and departure status, PNR status of Etihad Airways Flights you have to visit :

  • You need to open the Etihad airways official website on your device.
  • Now you need to go to the manage your booking section.
  • From there, you will find the flight status option; once you open that, you will see the two modes to check your flight status.
  • The first is through the flight number, and the second is through the origin and destination.
  • At the flight number option, you need to enter the Etihad flight confirmation number sent at your registered email id at the time of booking and date of departure.
  • After that, click on the Find option, and you can retrieve your status of the Etihad flight immediately.
  • If you do not have the booking confirmation number, you can check the status through origin and destination. In which you need to enter the departure and arrival destination with the date of departure.
  • Once you tap on the Find button, you can check the detailed information of your flight easily and quickly.

Apart from flight status you can check various things related to flight at manage booking like, seat selection, upgrade, cancellation, name change, etc. this is one of the best features which any customers can use to get accurate information about its flight status and updates of your flight booking through Etihad airways, For domestic or international air travel.

Check flight status through mobile app:

After searching at Etihad website, you can check Etihad flight status at their official mobile app quickly at your home before the flight departure in the following simple steps:

  • Firstly, you need to download the Etihad Airways mobile app from your device's play store or app store.
  • Now you need to provide your login details with the correct password and click on the confirm button.
  • You will see the various options related to Etihad flight services; from that, you need to open the manage your trips option.
  • After that, you need to enter your booking confirmation number and departure date to check the latest information on your Etihad flight.
  • After clicking on the confirm button, you can see the latest travel regulations and the status of your booking.

Check flight status through airport inquiry counter:

After online and at the mobile app, you can check Etihad flight status by reaching out to the help desk available at the airport before the flight departure. You need to provide them with the hard copy of your flight ticket, and they will check the current status of the flight and tell you the flight confirmation details to travel to your destination. You can achieve this only by providing the official information related to your flight booking in Etihad airways. After this, you need to follow all the instructions provided by the representative at the help desk of the airport.

Check flight through customer service:

Apart from reaching the airport counter, you can use the most convenient method to check Etihad flight status, which is customer service. You can talk to the Etihad customer representative and know about the flight confirmation and other relevant details of the Etihad flight by below-mentioned steps:

  • At first, you need to open the Etihad airways official home page in your device's browser.
  • Now navigate towards the help section of Etihad and open the talk to us option.
  • You will see the various ways to reach the customer representative like call, chat, email or social media.
  • You need to enter your preferred location to get the suitable phone number of the representative or choose the chat option and start a live conversation with the representative.
  • They will tell you all the details related to your flight booking by providing them with the booking number or date of departure and arrival with the destination.

With the above mediums, you can check your Etihad airways booking status easily and quickly. You will get to know all the steps of offline and online modes. If you cannot perform any of the steps, you can reach the Etihad airways help section, which is the most effective way to know how to check the Etihad flight status.

How can I check my flight PNR status in Etihad Airways?

To know the flight PNR status. You need to follow some straightforward steps. After that, you'll be able to find the flight status. 

Steps to know the PNR status of your Etihad Airways:

  1. Get on the Etihad Airways official website. 

  2. Now you need to select the "Manage" option on the homepage.  

  3. Now you need to choose the "Flight Status" button under the heading "Manage your booking."

  4. You need to mention the PNR no. and the flight date on the next page. After that, select the option of "Search." 

That is it. Now you'll come across the booking you have made. Open the booking, and under the heading of "Flight Status," you'll be able to find the status of PNR. However, there are also other ways to find the Etihad Airways flight status. You can even contact the customer support of Etihad Airways, and they'll quickly provide this information to you. 

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