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How do I contact Delta Airlines at LaGuardia Airport (LGA)?

Suppose you are traveling with Delta Airlines at LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and facing any problem with the airline. In that case, you can call at Delta LGA Airport Phone number +1 800 221 1212/ +1 406 902 121/+1 718 533 3400 where you can connect to the customer service of the airline and can discuss your issues; suppose you are facing any problem with the check-in process, baggage or seat selection, in that case, you can contact to the representative off the airline, and he will help you out with your respective problem. 

Delta Airlines Customer Service Information at LaGuardia Airport(LGA):

Delta LGA Airport Phone Number: +1 800 221 1212/ +1 406 902 121/+1 718 533 3400.

Delta LaGuardia Airport Office Number: (800) 455-2720


Terminals: Delta uses Terminal C.

Delta LGA Airport Address: East Elmhurst, NY 11371

What terminal does Delta fly out of from LaGuardia Airport?

Delta flies out from Terminal C at LaGuardia Airport; As most airline provides different terminals for departure and arrival bt all Delta LaGuardia departures and arrival are located in the same terminal, which is the new terminal C. make sure you reach the right terminal at departure as well as at arrival time.

What is the office address of Delta in LaGaurdia Airlprt?

Suppose you cannot connect to the airline at LaGaurdia Airport through different processes. In that case, you can directly visit the Delta LGA Airport office, which is located in Queens, NY, 11371, USA. You can reach there and talk to the live person available at the airport helpdesk and confront your queries and issue with the airline executive, and they will provide you with a prominent solution for your problem.

Can we connect to Delta at LaGuardia Airport through email?

Suppose you want to reach the representative of Delta Airlines at LaGuardia airport. In that case, you can connect to them through email, where you can type your issues and questions on the email and send it to, where the representative will reply to your message within a short period and help you with the queries. 

What are the working hours for a live person on Delta at LaGuardia airport? 

This airline provides the best services to their customers through different processes; if you are willing to visit the Delta LGA Airport office or to contact Delta airlines customer service, then the working hours for the customer support team are from 3:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. You can reach the representative of this airline within the provided hours.

What is Delta Air Lines LGA phone number?

Suppose you are having issues visiting the airport or can't connect to the representative of Delta Airlines through the online process. In that case, you can contact customer service by calling the Delta LGA Airport Phone number +1 800 221 1212/ +1 406 902 121/+1 718 533 3400 or use Delta LGA Corporate office Phone number (800) 455-2720. Follow the steps for further process:-

Here Steps to Call Delta Customer Service on LGA Airport:

  • Make a call to Delta LGA Airport number  +1 406 902 121/+1 718 533 3400
  • Choose your language.
  • Select the problem-related option from IVR.
  • Then your call will be connected at LaGuardia airport.
  • Talk to the representative of airline regarding your issues.
  • Then an executive will help you with the process and provide a solution for your query. 

Which terminal is Delta at LaGuardia Airport?

The Delta at LaGuardia airport is at Terminal C. there are different terminals for every airline, but Delta LGA Airport terminal for arrival and departure is the same; if in case you have any query regarding the terminal of Delta Airlines, then you can contact the airline terminal phone number, then the representative will connect to you, and will help you with your queries. 

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