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Can I hold a ticket on Emirates?

Emirates Airlines has provided passengers with the added flexibility to hold Emirates tickets in case the passenger would like to take time to finalize the booking with the airline and make the payment to successfully make the reservation with the airline. The passenger simply needs to use the option provided for Hold My Fare once they have chosen the flight for travel and have traversed to the final checkout stage with the airline through their official website. Once selected, the airline gives the passenger the liberty to hold their ticket for up to 72 hours, after which the final payment intimidation will be sent across. On failing to make the payment, the passenger would lose the seat booking and the reservation that they have made.

Note: The possibility to hold Emirates tickets for 72 hours internationally is only applicable in case of Economy Class bookings that have been made with the airline. The services will not be provided if the passenger tries to opt for the service after 24 days till the scheduled departure of the flight. 

How to hold Emirates tickets for 72 hours?

It is very easy and convenient for passengers to hold Emirates airline tickets online if they follow the steps given here:

  • Click on Emirates Airlines Official Website 800 777 3999 or  806 256 8457.
  • Find the Book icon at the top end of the page and click on it.
  • Scroll on all the various options provided to find the best flight deals and proceed with the booking.
  • The passenger would need to log in to their account so as to analyze the booking process initiated. 
  • Enter all the details as per requirement and proceed toward the checkout section with the airline.
  • Here, the passenger would be able to find the Hold My Fare icon among the various menu list choices given.
  • Tap on it so that the passenger will be entitled to hold up their ticket until the 72-hour timeline within which they must submit the payment to get their booking done.

Can the passenger make use of Skyward Miles for payment while holding their ticket with Emirates Airlines?

The passenger doesn't have the flexibility to hold their fare when the booking has been made with the airline for reward flights using Skyward Miles. The airline also does not offer the services Business Reward booking they have earned. 

How do I pay for an Emirates Airlines flight ticket on hold?

The passenger can log in to their booking page, wherein they will find the Pay Now option to make the payment with the airline. 

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