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Does Scoot have Assistance?

Do you have a journey with Scoot airline? Do you need Scoot Airline customer service assistance? Are you someone who wants to Request assistance from Scoot Airline? Do you need clarification about whether the airline provides special assistance? Read the information to get answers to all these queries. Scoot Airline has served its passengers long and has a good reputation. The airline gives importance to all its passengers and tries to make their journey comfortable and memorable. The airline's special assistance service is commendable and thus motivates passengers with special needs to book the ticket repeatedly. 

What type of assistance is provided by Scoot Airlines?

The airline provides many types of special assistance to their passengers. However, Request assistance from Scoot Airlines about your special needs while booking the flight ticket or 48 hours before your flight’s scheduled journey. If you do not notify the airline before then, the TSA can deny your boarding. 

  1. Pregnant Women: Pregnant women can ask for special assistance from the airline. However, your eligibility to travel will be determined by the medical certificate you will submit to the airline. 
  2. Unaccompanied Minors: A minor under 8 cannot travel alone with Scoot Airlines. He must be accompanied by a person of age 18 or more. 
  3. Disabled People: The airline provides Scoot Airlines wheelchair assistance and high lift assistance to disabled people. But for this, passengers should inform the airline 48 hours before their flight departure and should arrive for check-in 2-3 hours before the flight. 
  4. Visually and hearing Impaired Passengers: The visually and hearing impaired passengers are given assistance by the airline staff. 
  5. Service Dogs: The airline only allows two service dogs in the airline. Inform the airline within 48 hours about the same. 
  6. Scoot Airlines elderly assistance: Stay calm if your elder mom, dad, or someone travels alone because Scoot Airlines will help them throughout the journey. 

When can I book assistance at Scoot Airlines?

You can book assistance while booking the flight ticket or at the time of check-in. Scoot Airlines' special assistance number, +65 6329 1420, can be dialed to request special assistance. Inform the airline’s live person about your special need, and he will assign you any member of the airline’s special assistance team. 

  • Dial +65 6329 1420 and follow the IVR prompts.
  • Press 0 to choose the language you can comprehend.
  • Press # to book a flight ticket.
  • Press 1 to get special assistance.
  • Press 2 to communicate with a live person,
  • Wait and connect with the live person. 
  • Tell him your PNR number and last name.
  • Inform him about the type of special need you want.
  • He will send a special assistance form link.
  •  Fill out the form and submit it. 

How do I request assistance from Scoot Airlines?

You can use the airline's official website to Request assistance from Scoot Airlines. Never hesitate to ask for special assistance from the airline. The airline is famous for providing its passengers with ample facilities and services. They have a dedicated team that looks after the special needs of the passengers. 

  • Navigate to the Scoot airline's official website 
  • Next, look for 'your booking' and click 'manage booking'
  • After that, enter your PNR number and last name and click on view my flight. 
  • The flight's details will appear on the screen. 
  • After that, click on 'Add service' and then on 'Special assistance.' such as Scoot Airlines wheelchair assistance, service dogs assistance, pregnant women assistance, etc. 
  • Add the needed assistance and proceed.
  • Pay any required special assistance fee. 

Does it cost to add assistance at Scoot Airlines?

Scoot Airline does not charge any special assistance fee from the passengers; however, you should inform them 48 hours before the departure. The airline asks the passenger to tell them beforehand so that they can make necessary arrangements as per the passenger's needs. To learn more, reach out to the airline via Scoot Airlines' special assistance number above and gain the vital information that will help you make your travel journey easier. 

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