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How do I select a seat on WestJet?

Passengers who booked a flight look forward to knowing the WestJet seat selection policy and process so they can complete it without any hurdles. However, in the given discussion, you will find out different aspects related to seats, such as fees, when you get a seat selection map, etc., So you are suggested to give a careful look at the information provided below; please have a look:


How do I choose a seat on WestJet?

Method 1: Steps to select a seat on WestJet Online:

  • Visit the official website of WestJet.

  • Click on the Manage booking tab there,

  • Enter all your ticket details, PNR number, name, etc., and search for your flight. 

  • You will view the flight Seat Map, tap and choose your preferred seat. 

  • Make the payment (if necessary) to confirm the seat reservation. 

Method 2: WestJet seat selection via phone:

Dial the WestJet seat selection phone number 1-866-693-7853/1-806-256-8457, and you will be assigned an agent to whom you can request to allot a seat on your behalf. However, you will listen to certain IVRs, out of which one has to be selected to be assigned to an agent. 

Method 3: Choose a seat on a WestJet flight at Airport

There is another method that many travelers use to reserve a seat on the airline, and that is approaching the help desk at the airport. Ensure you carry all the relevant documents, such as ticket number, phone number, etc., so the agent can complete the seat reservation process. 

What is the WestJet seat selection Policy?

It is always suggested to a passenger that before choosing a seat, one must know about WestJet seat selection policy so they are well aware of specific facts such as which seats are free when to choose, etc.; please have a look:

  • Upgrades can be made from one class to the higher or upper one, and this cannot be vice-versa. 
  • You must select a seat when reserving a flight, and with this, you can get your preferred seat. 
  • The seats chosen within 24 hours of the booking may carry no extra fee by the airline. 
  • If you do not choose a seat at the time of your reservation, the airline will allot you a seat. 
  • For further clarification on its seat policy, you can contact the helpline number 1-866-693-7853, where you will be provided assistance. 

How much does it cost to select a seat on WestJet?

The WestJet seat selection fees are based on different classes. You can find all the relevant information in the given points; please have a look:

  •  If you have a WestJet Basic and Economy Fare ticket, all the classes, including Exit Row, Standard, and Preferred, will cost you between 5-250 CAD. 
  • For Economy Flex Westjet flight tickets, have to incur between 5-236 CAD for preferred seats, while it is 5-250 CAD for Exit Row Seats. (Standard seats are free). 
  • All the Premium/ Business class WestJet flight ticket holders can choose a seat at no cost. 
  • The fees may vary occasionally, so you must keep in the loop to know the updated costs. 

What are the advantages to Upgrade flight seats on WestJet?

Per the WestJet seat selection policy, one can upgrade the seats from one class to another (that must be higher, for example, from Economy to Business or First, it can not be vice-versa). So, there are several pros one can get via upgrading; give a look:

  • Extra Legroom— You are given extra legroom onboard to get the best journey or flight experience with WestJet. 
  • Free food and drinks— You may also be offered additional food and beverages on board that will increase the beauty of your traveling experience. 
  • Additional baggage allowance— Once you upgrade with the airline, based on your upgraded class, the airline will give you extra baggage permission and no fee will be incurred. However, you must not violate any of its baggage terms. 

Once you go through the discussion, you will learn multiple pieces of information related to baggage, such as its policy, processes, fees, advantages of upgrading a flight, and other similar things. However, if you still feel stuck at any of the concerned processes, you are suggested to reach out to the customer assistance team through its phone number. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Does WestJet always charge for seat selection?

For Westjet passengers, you need to select the standard seat for no fee at the time of check-in, in case you have chosen not to reserve a seat in advance. You may need to pay the the seat selection fee during check-in for the preferred Westjet flight seat.

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