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How to select my seat on the Etihad flight?

Passengers who have travel plans can easily execute through the help of booking their flight tickets for group travel and individual travel. So, you must choose a ticket on Etihad airlines because there is no doubt that passengers will get the utmost services and facilities, like hygienic meals, wide legroom space, and comfortable reclining seats for the passenger’s comfortable travel. Now, most of the time, there are some passengers queries like where they are unable to recognize how to execute Etihad Airways seat selection; therefore, in that circumstance, the most appropriate option is to follow the path given ahead, and after that, you will be able to book a seat on Etihad airlines without any hassle.

Can you select seats on Etihad?

  1. Visit or dial +1 (802) 200-9500 (OTA), for Etihad seat selection.
  2. Click on “Manage Trips”.
  3. Enter the credentials of your ticket, like the ticket number and last name of the passenger
  4. Next, click on the "seat selection" tab to select your seat on the Etihad flight.
  5. After which, you move ahead to the payment option.
  6. You will receive OTP, and enter it for verification.
  7. At last, you will get a confirmation mail on your registered mail address.

Do you have to pay to choose seats on Etihad?

  • To select seats on Etihad Airways Economy Standard seats to start from USD 10 to USD 30 depending on the route.
  • To select a seat on Etihad with extra legroom, you need to pay USD 30 to USD 180 depending on the route and flight.
  • You can also select a seat on Etihad for free, 30 hours before check-in of your flight.

Does Etihad allow free seat selection?

If you are planning to fly with Etihad to your desired place and wondering how to get Etihad free seat selection is provided to passengers; how much can be charged to choose a seat, and any questions you may be wondering? Find the mentioned points below that will assist you in having your answers:

  • If you choose your seats within 24 hours of your bookings, you will be charged no cost from the airlines.
  • You can also choose your seats for free if you are a Silver Guest, Gold Guest, or Platinum Guest. 
  • If you reserve your seats as soon as online check-in begins (usually 30 hours before your flight departure.), again, you will not be asked to pay any additional fare. 
  • If you choose your seats after 24 hours, the airlines may ask you to pay an additional fare.

How do I get a free seat on Etihad?

If you are looking forward to getting the Etihad Seat Selection for free, you can save some additional cost during your journey that will ultimately enhance the beauty of your journey. With this offer, you may also become a frequent flier of Etihad, so different ways to get a free seat are below. Please must go through the mentioned points:

  • Neighbor-free Concept- You must place a bid on up to three empty seats when making a reservation. If you win an offer, you will be provided a free seat. 
  • If you travel in first class, Business class saver, Flex, or Flex saver, you can book free seats on Etihad. And also, some advantages will be offered by the airlines, for example, additional food, etc. 
  • You can also get a free seat selection in Premium Economy, including other advantages. Moreover, complimentary seats are provided for those who travel in Business Special Fare. 
  • And if you wish to know more about free seats, you can always reach out to the customer executive of the airline at 1 (877) 690-0767. 
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